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Freedom from highchair Lock Rss

Does anyone have any hints on 'moving on' from the highchair?

My son likes to wriggle out and stand up in the high chair.
Has done this from 20mths.
(Twin sister sits perfectly - less active)

We try to eat at their small table and chairs (breakfast & lunch), but he then tends to 'wander'.
I find I so desperately want the restraint of the highchair, but realise I need to move on.

Dinner is at table with family, they sit in highchairs and are ok for first 10/15 minutes.

The other day I even caught him trying to sit on his tray.... horrifying!!!!

Have thought of the booster seats at table, but will need to get new chair covers as ours are plain cream colour - bought pre-kids.

Any suggestions?
(Have tried distractions, rewards and punishment - but willing to try anything!)


we got the fisher price booster seat. Very portable for times out or at nannas but great at the dinner table. As for the chair covers you can get that vinyl table cloth stuff by the metre at k mart or spotlight maybe get a small piece of that to put on the seat before you secure the booster seat??? I have to say its one of the best purchases we ave made. I have a five week old and as a treat we have sat down in front of the tv occaisonally for breakfast or lunch and she will sit in the booster seat and put her own tray on it fab! We let her test them all out by putting them on the floor at the shop and asking her to sit in them to make sure she would take to them. Its worked for us - good luck

Bec, NsW, charlie 5, AJ almost 3

HI Sarah,

My 22 month old toddler was the same until we put him in a booster seat. It is the safety 1st brand from Target, and I find it excellent. He feels more like he's part of the family around the table. Definitely worth looking into.

Mum to toddler

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