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uni-sex toys, is it what seperates boys from girls? Lock Rss

hi guys,
thought i would see if any one has uni-sex toys for there little bubbas? and what are they...

While shopping in the Target toy sale i noticed all the Happy House and Groovy House toys! they were so kool... they had all sorts from irons, to microwaves, and ovens and also had a vaccum. Now are these girl toys or are they uni-sex toys?! i have seen a lawnmower and tools with work bench and even a play bbq - which are fun and exciting also but i was wondering is there any toys that are uni-sex and what are they. Do you think these can be used for both boys and girls? or is this the beginning of BOY's v's GIRL's ????

It doesnt seem so bad to have uni-sex toys while they are using rattles and play gyms and things like that but when it comes to other toys then its a whole different ball game. for weekly specials -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

My daughter has just turned 2 yrs. She plays with cars, play tools, dolls, fisher price little people, building blocks. I don't worry about whether it's supposed to be for a girl or boy when I buy it, but mainly if she'll have fun play with it. I haven't bought her a lawn mower yet, but she loves cooking on her toy BBQ. I think a variety of both types of toys is a good idea.

Mum to Brooke 23.2 weeks, 450 grams now 3.5 yrs

yeah well i dont mind buying a vaccum or a pusha for a doll, my brother was given a barbie when he was little and he loved it! he would like to dress it up, well now that i think of it maybe he realised what boobs were?! and thats why he got barbie nakie all the time!! - lets not go their... lol -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

I believe you buy toys that they are going to use.
I purchased 2 prams & 2 dolls for my sons who @ the time were 3 & 2 years old for xmas (Amazing how many people look @ u strange for this).
Kristian is now 5 & Ethan is 4 & I now have Sebastian 6 months,they think its great when we go for a walk Dad pushes the pram with Sebastian & they push their prams with Ruby & Max.(Still get strange looks but I dont care)
Ethan was a bit wild before I had Sebastian so I was worried @ how he would be,but I used the dolls before he was born & showed him how to treat them kindly & he is now the best brother. Wants to help do everything. I think they are the best toys ever.
If more Mums think like this we may have a more understanding generation

Jodie,7yo,Nearly 6yo,2yo boys & OMG a baby girl

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