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Portable High Chair Seat Lock Rss

We've always had trouble when visiting relatives/friends or even just going out to tea, of having our now 2yr old daughter either having to sit in a dirty restaurant highchair or having to lug our own highchair with us when going to family and friend's houses. So recently I went on a hunt for some sort of 'saviour'. I found it at Target, it's a 'Safety First' brand portable seat.We think it's the best invention ever.It has a harness that can be adjusted to whatever size waist your child may be,so it would be good for that slightly older child (3 or 4)who won't sit still. But also good for a 10mth old too. It has two adjustable straps that fit around the back and underneath the chair. It also has a valve on the back, that when you open it it inflates the seat part to about two and a half inches high. It also has easy to clean fabric. But best of all the whole chair folds to no bigger than a child's small suitcase, with a zipper to keep everything together and a carry strap incorporated by using one of the chair straps.

Shell, NSW, 2yrs toddler and 7yr old (both girls).

Dear Shell,
That sounds like a great idea. I was always scared of the clip on high chairs falling off the table, but have had a look at that one and it looks great. Thanks for sharing.

mum to 4 of the best


I just want to tell everyone that i totally agree here. This sounds like a whizz bang new one!

I have the safety first portable seat, but no inflateable thingy, and it is made of hard plastic! Everything else sounds the same!

I am currently using it for my 7 month old and 2.5 yo. I think the big high chairs take up way too much room and this is perfect sitting on our dining room seat.

Happy feeding everyone,

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Mum 26,

It is great to find out that there is such a product. Could you please tell me from which Target did you buy it. I live in Queensland and I could not find portable high chair seat in many target stores in Brisbane. Was your purchase resent? Do you have a photo of it, I can take it to a Target/Kmart store to order one for me.

[email protected]
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