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trifle recipe needed asap Lock Rss

hi i have bought everthing i need to make a trifle but i am only using magoes and mango jelly as this is what im craving... how do i do it? do i put the mago in the jelly or seperate? what goes in first.. sponges or jelly... is it then whipped cream and custard.. please help.. i am on standby waiting to make it now

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I don't usually put jelly in mine but if I did this is what I would do:
Put the cake/sponge in the dish. Pour some cherry or plonk or whatever you use, then fruit, premade and set jelly, then custard.

If you are using hot, homemade custard it would probably melt the jelly...think it did for me. Maybe you would have to wait until the custard is cool then pour it on???

I haven't made a trifle for years...sorry, hopefully someone else can help.
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