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Bed sheets Lock Rss

I was just reading the favourite childhood tv show thread and it reminded me about the bed sheets and pillowcases we used to have as kids that had tv characters on them.

I used to have a strawberry shortcake quilt cover set when i was a kid that i loved. And mum had this pillowcase from when she was kid that had the wombles on it and my sisters and i loved when she'd make our bed and put that pillow case on.

Then there were the E.T sheets. My sisters and i all hated E.T. It was soo scary. And we dreaded when we got the E.T sheets put on our bed. Couldnt wait till the sheets got changed again..

Anyone else have any memories like this??

Hi angelo1098, it's funny you bring this up. My mum recently gave me some of my old pillowcases for Mackenzy, and just 5 mins ago, I was changing her sheets, and I thought about putting one of them on. I've got a couple of Smurf ones, a Holly Hobbie (I think), and I've got a strawberry shortcake as well. I can remember my older brother having a cowboys and indians bed set also.

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