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Your Favourite Pets Name Lock Rss

Evening All, Have checked all the topics anyone interested in a new topic of Pet Animal Names?

I will start - my DD had 2 goldfish given to her for her birthday in august and she called them

'Bonnie n Clyde' smile

Wendy DS 14months and DD 5yrs

(ps. if you want we can go A - Z)

DD 08/00 & DS 09/04

ok william got 2 fish for his bday last year and ive only just named them nemo and elmo.
also had a cat named pus thought that was original.

Lee. Mum of William 1/1/04 & Lily 10/8/05

My sisters mother in law had a cat named 'kamala', when it gave birth to kittens they named one 'makala'.
child hood pets

my first cat was smokey- only just found out mum gave it away because she was allergic and that he didn't run away because i feed him marshmallows.
my first dog was zac
my rabbits were thumper and bugsy - mum ran them over sad
my sheep was saddle (he was white with a brown saddle on his back)
my fish were goldie and big-eye

now i just have roxy and meow
We have 2 dogs called Cailee and Cruze. Our cat is Chloe ( I let DH name her that so we didn't have to use it for a baby girl if we have one) We had a dog called Kronk and a cat called Axle but both have passed away sad

We have a dog called Sid which my mum alWays calls Sid James showing her age
Another dog called fink dp named him!!! I only recently found out that is a bikie groups name lol
And a cat called kyro which I named since kyro is the capital of Egypt and cats originate from there thought it suited him
Our other cat who sadly missing presumed dead sad gasp was duke we called him dukie boy though aw now I miss him again lol
Names of pets Ive had

Red Heeler(up till I was 6/7)ralph
Siamese Cat(till I was 8) Kitty
Labador(from 8- 14) Tommy
tabby cat (8-13) Leo
Tabby cat (12- current) misty
Tonkiness X (april this year - current)Houdini

also last year we had 3 bunnies - Lilith Becca and Ranga
We have 3 pets currently,

Cat is Horus
Beagles Ella and Wilbur

prob the most memorable names I have seen through my work are Dfer and Cfer

Dfer for a dog, stands for D for Dog. and Cfer for a cat stands for C for Cat lol
I've had-
Cozmo -Dog
Stumpy -Dog
Fatty -Dog

I have-
Dollars & cents -Fish x2
An we also have a unnamed puppy he is 6 wks today. We're having trouble naming him So if anyone has any good names let me know! He's going to be a big dog he's Rotty x Bull arab x Bull mastiff x Great Dane tongue
Well budgies we have had (some before I was born) angus, basil, Casper, Elmo, Fred, now I have Gerald and Harriet, (get the theme here? Missing a D not sure if we had and I just can't remember it)
Had dog delby, now we have a Max smile (he's my fur baby)
My sisters cat is rascal, brothers cat is scruff, my mums cat is ginger, DP sisters cat is mo, all named for personality/ looks..
Yep think that's it...

Our cats name is Cleo (as in Cleopatra, so named for the Liz Taylor-esque black eyeliner markings).

Other cats i've had: Sooka, Jazz the Spaz and Mouse.

Dogs: a great dane called Caesar and bull terriors Ben (Hur) & Baby (cos nobody puts Baby in a corner!).

Cockatiels: Kiera & Bella

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