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Like/Dislike Lock Rss

Like - summer

Dislike - winter

Like - Chocolate
Dislike - The kilo's I put on

Likes - Sunshine
Dislikes - Summer
Likes - rain

Dislikes wind

Likes - roast pork

Dislikes - roast lamb

Likes pavalova

Dislikes Chesscakes

Like - sleep
Dislike - having a cold
Likes - rain
Dislikes - wind

Likes birthday's
Dislikes - thinking what to buy someone

Mel, we had a huge downpour of rain before
Likes thunder
Dislikes Lightning
Shazza we havent had any rain here today the sun is out.

Likes - Party's

Dislikes -Cleaning up after them

Likes: my kids being creative
Dislikes: the mess they leave behind
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