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Like/Dislike Lock Rss

Likes going shopping

Dislikes the crowds

Likes toffee apples

Dislikes sticky fingers and mouth lol

Likes going to the beach

Dislikes getting sand in shoes and in clothes

Likes: The weekends!!

Dislikes: Ironing

Likes going out

Dislikes going out when it is so hot

Likes birthday's
Dislikes - thinking what to buy someone

Likes - going away for the weekend

Dislikes - Having to take so much stuff away for everybody

Likes camping

Dislikes - getting flooded lol

Loves Scollops

Dislikes crayfish

Likes Ducted heating

Dislikes the bill

Likes Driving

Dislikes all the idiots on the roads

Likes School holidays

Dislikes the shops being so crowded with all the school kids lol

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