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Like/Dislike Lock Rss

Likes the beach

Dislikes getting sand in my shoes and on my clothes lol

Likes: Bed time

Dislikes: Getting up every 2 hours to pee at night time!
Likes school holidays

Dilikes having kids here all the time eating everything

Likes sleeping in

Dislikes hearing the tv volume going up and down every 2 seconds cos the girls are mucking around with the remote!
Likes going to the movies

Dislikes sitting right up the front

Likes scary movies

Dislikes watching them at the cinemas!
Loves shool holidays

Dislikes having kids coming and going all the bloody time

Likes shopping

Dislikes shopping during school holidays
Likes meeting ppl

Dislikes stuck up snobby ppl lol

Likes shopping

Dislikes having to pay for it LOL!
Likes shopping

Dislikes putting it all away i think thats the worst lol

Likes going away

Dislikes taking all the crap lol

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