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Tell Me About Yourself Part 2 Lock Rss

Hey Mel,

Do you want to pick up from where we left off. My last post was asking if you were feeling chirpier. Can't quite remember what that was all about, can you?
I had a really good week at work. Austin was home on Tuesday so maybe hubby is onto something.
Grade 12's graduated Thursday and Friday and I had the sads on because Macca should have been one of them. Oh well, still have Dazza as long as he doesn't leave early and join the army!!!!
Going out for Christmas dinner with a group of girls from Playgroup tonight and am really looking forward to it.
Thinking about dragging the Christmas Tree out this w'end and going shopping for Christmas lights to put up outside. smile]
we are borrowing a fibre optic tree from a friend too this year. It will fit nicely in the middle of the table away from a certain little person!!!
Have a lovely w'end.

Hugs Marinda x smile]

Afternoon Marinda,

How are you and your family going?
Nah not feeling any more chirpier unfortunetly.Have been to doctors got some medication and have been on them now for 2 weeks but they can take up to 3 weeks to work ggggrrrr
Awww glad to hear you have had a good week at work nate smile]
Its hard when the kids decide to leave school.
Oh you lucky thing going out for dinner tonight.Have a great night out and enjoy yourself.
Yeah i have been thinking about putting the chrissy tree up but cant be bothered at the momnent lol
Lol thats what i am worried about Lachlan and Matilda getting to it lol
Take care and hvae a great weekend
Love Mel xxx

Afternoon Mel,

I hope you are back to your bright, bouncy self soon. It sucks when you can't be bothered to do anything. Been, there, took the meds but that was when I had Macca. Now when I get the sads on, I just turned into a health freak for a day and eat tons of fruit and veg, don't eat any red meat, drink loads of water and spend as much time as I can outside. Seems to do the trick. The hard thing is no tea or chocolate, but hey, it's only for 24 hours. smile].
Last night was really good fun. I was a bit nervous because it was a women's church group I went with but it was really good. Last week of Playgroup this week so we are going to have a little Christmas party. Going to make some Chocolate Balls, Rum Balls don't seem right! smile]
So, here's a bit ot trivia for you:

On Sunday 22nd November 1992 at 10.30am I arrived at Melbourne airport with my then husband and 8 month old baby. How times have changed. smile]

Hope you have had a good w'end. I don't start work until 11 and then I finish at 2 tomorrow. WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gotta love that. smile] The rest of the week is pretty good too.

Keep smiling my dear smile]

BIG HUGS, Marinda xxxx
Afternoon Marinda,

How are you and the family going?
Not back there yet but i am sure i will be very soon fingers crossed.Bloody Postnatal depression sux.
I had it with Monique and again now gggrrr
Argh no choccie or tea sad Ilove my cups of tea lol
Glad to hear you had a great night out mate smile]Sounds like you had fun.
Oh yummo post me some down lol

Wishing you and your hubby a very Happy Anniversary smile]
Hope you have both had a great day xoxox

Wooohooo lucky you not starting work till 11am how good is that smile]

Take care and hope you and your family have a great night and week.
Big hug love Mel xxx

Hey Mel,

PND is a bitch ain't it. I had it with Dazza. My ex-husband, the one I came over here with told me he thought I had it on the day he walked out!!!! I was paranoid about getting it this time round, but, so far so good. smile]
I had a great day. Worked from 11 until 2 and Austin woke up about a minute after I got home. I put him to bed just before I left so G'ma had an easy day.
Dazza has another 11 and a half hours at work this week. He had the same last week. I have said if he can't cope with that many hours and school he has to let them know but he is doing well so far. He has one 3 and a half hour shift and the rest are 2 hours. On top of that he has been going to Cadets and doing his lesson plans for promotions, doing his assignment and managed to do the dishes 4 nights in a row. I only asked him to do them for 2. smile]
Well my, dear, Austin is sleeping, Dazza is at cadets so I'm going to catch up with my hubby. He has been doing the school web page at home so spends half an hour with us when he gets home, then he spends the next 3 in front of the computer and you can't really have a proper conversation so nows my chance.
I made some biccies, patty cakes and a chocolate cake this arvo so I better go and put some icing on them.

Hope you have had a good day and have a good evening too, smile]

Hugs, Marinda x
Morning Marinda,

How are you and the family going?
PND is a bitch it sux big time.
Well that was charming of your ex to say that the day he walked out bloody men gggrrrr
Glad to hear you had a great day at work smile]
Sounds like grandma had an easy day yesterday hey!
Well Dazza seems very busy with work, school and his cadets hope he doesnt over do it.
Wow lucky you Dazza doing the dishes for you 4 nights in a row smile]
Hope you got to have a convo with your hubby last night mate.

Take care and have a great day love Mel xoxox

Hello Mel,

How's your week been. Saw the wild weather you had on the news this morning. Hope your ok.
I've had a busy week at work and home. WIll be glad when mum is here and I get my 11 days off.
Did you see the new pics I put up on Facebook? Love the one of my two boys. Talking of my boys, Austin has deceided to wean himself!!!!!!! He was having a bottle in the arvo but on Wednesday when I gave him his bed time drink he messed around and on Thursday he had slurps and got off so he had a bottle. Last night Daddy gave him a bottle and it did look cute but I was nearly in tears. At least he still has his feed in the morning and he doesn't look like he'll be giving up that one in a hurry. smile]
Spoke to my mum last night and she is so excited and she's not the only one. smile]
We had a Christmas break up party at playgroup today. All the parents got two roses and the kids got a goodie bag. so sweet.
Well, I'm going to do something, not sure which job to tackle first. Might not bother and watch the cricket!!

Hugs, MArinda xxxx smile]
Afternoon Marinda,

How are you and the family going?
Yeah we have had some wild weather here especially last night with the huge thunderstorm. Fountain Gate shopping centre where i always go got flooded and other damage done to it.
You always have busy weeks dont know how you do it.
Wooohooo getting 11 days off when your mum arrives that will be fantastic to sepnd some quality time with her.
No i havent seen the photo's will have to go and have a looksie:)]
Wow i cant believe Austin has decided to wean himself gees and we are still trying to get little Miss onto solids lol
At least you still get to feed him in the mornings thats great smile]
Sounds like you have had a great morning bet Austin had a ball.
Eeeewwwww yuck cricket lol

We just got home from the health centre little Miss Matilda weighs 7.8kg, length 68.8 and HC 41.5 still little but we will get there.
She is 13 months old today sad

Have a great weekend and take care
Love Mel xxx

So, I am up to Level 7 on Fishville already!!!! Right now I have Huggies on one monitor and fish on the other. What do you have to say for yourself young lady? when I first did your neighbour request I thought "What a boring Game"! Turned the computer off 3 hours later. smile] A bit addictive, worse than Farmville I think.
We have just spent the morning at the lake. Dazza's friend didn't wwant to come so we tool his sisiter instead and had a ball. G'Ma bought Austin a light weight hat the other day and he must like it because he kept it on his head. smile]
We had 2 tube rides together and he spent the rest of the time splashing around in the lake. He is now fast asleep.
Hope you are having a good w'end,

Hugs, Marinda xx smile]
Afternoon Marinda,

How are you and the family going?
Wooohooo Well Done getting up to level 7 on Fishville smile]
I am on level 24 and yep your right it is addictive lol
Will have to send you Fish world thats another good one as well.
Wow lucky you sounds like you and the family have had a great day at the lake smile]
I have been busy sorting out matilda's clothes she has so many lol
Hope you and the family have a great night.
Take care love Mel xxx

Afertoon Mel,

Boy its' hot here, thank goodness for aircons! smile]
Fishworld? No thank you, I'd never get anything done.
We had a great, tiring day out. Austin was in bed before 7.30 and Dazza went to bed before 8.30.
I rang my sister last night as she told me her daughter had found our niece and nephew on Facebook. We haven't heard from them in years because they have been in foster care. One is 18 yrs and the other is 17 yrs, I think. Sent them both a messaga last night so fingers crossed they reply.
can you believe my mum will be here next Thursday. smile]
Hope you managed to get all Matilda's clothes sorted.Lucky Austin doesn't have that many.

Catch up with you soon,

Hugs, Marinda smile]
Afternoon Marinda,

How are you and the family today?
Oh go on just have a go its fun smile]
Oh i bet the kids were exhausted after there big day out and i bet they both slept soundly smile]
Wow how exciting is that your sister's daughter finding your niece and newphew fingers crossed you hear back from there very soon smile]
Wooohoooo 10 sleeps to go mate and then its some very special time with your mum smile]
Yep managed to get some of her clothes sorted she has so many clothes lol
Would you believe she is in a 000 outfit today lol looks so cute.
Take care and have a great night with your family
love Mel xxx

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