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Age when you have your first baby. Lock Rss

i was 21 when i had Tasmin, and will be 23 when number two is born.

catherine mum to tasmin and Liam

Thank you all for posting.


I was 31 when I had Jordan.

I know exactly where you are coming from Buzzy!
I was 29 when Benjamin arrived but only just....turned 30 a month later....but I did get a Mum's Day in this year!!!!


Sooz, Sydney, Benjamin 1/5/04 & Keira 15/9/06

i was 18 with my first, 21 with number 2

Jubs_n_Tia, 24, NSW, boy 06/11/99 + girl 15/05/02

I was (and still am) the grand old age of 37 when I had my first and second babies - yes, twins - in early August this year.

This wasn't by choice, we had to use IVF but got lucky on the first try.

I noticed there was a support group in our local area for Mums under 25 - maybe you could ask your Community Child Care Nurse if there is one for your area? It's always nice to chat to people in a similar situation.


Ange, mum of twins born early August 04

I was 2 months off turning 19 when I had my first son. I am now 34 and have a beautiful 7 month old boy who adores his 16 year old brother. We are hoping to have another one soon

Karyn, NZ, Jack 13/02/04

hi, i had my daughter 4 days before my 20th birthday. She is now 17 months old.

Mum to Vanessa (April 03)

I was 19 (3 months off 20) with my first son and 24 with my 2nd son, hope to have my third next year sometime.
i was 18 when number one was born, i'm 19 now and due o have my second in january. 10 days before my 20th..
My name is Natalie and i was 21 years old almost 22. I am now 32 years old having my fifth child.
Hi all

I was 26 when I had my 1st baby & nearly 30 with my second and I'm NOT having any more!

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