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Age when you have your first baby. Lock Rss

25 - Miscarried
26- Boy Lived for 6months died in my arms of pneumonia
28 - Girl I haven't stopped kissing her since she was born

We want two more


I love this section of the site. Its so much fun!!!!!!

I was 19 and 2 months when I had Liam and I was 22 and 9 months when I had Siobhan.

No more on the way for me though. I'm just starting to enjoy small bits of freedom again!!!


Andrae,WA - Liam, Siobhan and Erin

Hello Everyone

I was 19 i was 59 days of being 20 when my beautiful sarah come alomg nearly a month late.
I was the same age as my mother when she had me.

Shazz and beautiful Sarah

I was 18 when i conceived Seth and 19 when i had him, my partner was 31... People say it's young but i say who are they to judge i love being a mum and my partner loves being a dad

Amanda Mummy 2 Seth 1/2/05 & Tianah 14/7/06

I was 17 when my 1st bub was born, & 28, for my last.

Tina, mum to Jake, Tylah & Jayden smile

i was 17 when i had my 1st bubz....
but i was 16 when i had my 1st pregnancy....

Mumma 2 a one year old Boy

Post deleted by administrator.
I not long turned 20 when the fist was born, then had my next 2 just after my 22nd and 23rd b'day.

3 Gorgeous Girls!

I have 1 child and i was 31.

DS1 2006 - DS2 2008

1st - 15

2nd ( pregnant with now ) - 19

i just had my first bub this year, i am 25. i can't wait to have more.

Wow becstar smile] that is so young, how have you found it, did you have a lot of support?

I was 19 when i had my 1st
22 with 2nd
now i am 31 and have my 3rd who is 7 months.
i loving the age gap.
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