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I wish...... Lock Rss

I wish............. I had've waited before buying an 8week old puppy on Sunday!

I wish...............I could be more patient with my children

DD 08/00 & DS 09/04

i wish i wasn't so addicted to this site, then i might get something done once in awhile


i wish.... babies didnt leave you with overhangs!

Sarah, NZ, Isaac 2.5yrs

I wish they would bring back the old forum

I wish I could stop having weird dreams.

Carly - mummy to Alyssa, Ava and Mason

I wish for alot of rain we really do need it.

Hey Carly i am having the horrible dreams as well been having them for awhile now sad

I wish for our move to Melbourne to go smoothly. Hope to like it there.
Hey there Lil Nik smile

Where abouts are you moving to in Melbourne?
Hope the move goes well for you smile

Take care Mel xxx

Thanks alot Moniquesmum.

We are have bought a house in the Narree Warren area.
Wow Nikki you will be only 5 minutes round the corner from me smile
I am in Hampton park smile

That's nice.

hubby and I have family in Melbourne in Skye, Cranbourne, Narree Warren and other areas. We wanted to be close to our family as we don't have friends in Melbourne.
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