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Coke v Pepsi - which do you prefer? Lock Rss

Just had a pepsi max and I have to say I really really enjoyed it! Trying to be good lately and we haven't been buying soft drink. We used to be good during the week then guzzle pepsi max on the weekends, but we made a conscious decision not to buy it anymore. So we probably haven't had any for at least a few months.

So got me thinking - Pepsi or Coke?? And why? I prefer pepsi max to diet coke as it's not as bubbly, therefore less gassy!!
pepsi for me - the coke products seem to leave a yukky after taste in my mouth & yes, i think its less bubbly too. If i have diet coke, i usually shake the bottle a little to get some of the gas out.

coke for DH.
i prefer coke and so does DH i dont know why i like it more the last couple of pepsi's i've had tsted flat as soon as i was opened

i dont like diet coke though
Pepsi here too. Agree aboout coke and yucky after taste. Coke tends to take my breathe away as its far too gassy and then leaves me looking 6 months pregant with furry teeth!! Pepsi - not so much tongue
Coke for us smile
I will drink either but probably prefer coke.... But love it from a can best!!!

Ohhhhhhh gross!! Neither!!! I really only drink lemonade or if I'm out perhaps I'll splash out on a lemon lime and bitters wink
Coke or nothing in our house!

I had GD with DS2 and chose to have water. I was told that I could have a small amout of diet Coke/Pepsi but prefer water! It's funny though, I used to prefer Diet Coke and disliked Coke but my flatmate continually gave me crap about it causing cancer(all the while he was smoking a cigarette) and over time I got used to normal Coke. Now I can't stand Diet coke.

I think it's just what you get used to!

prefer coke.... But love it from a can best!!!

Oh! Me too! I didn't mind when I would sometimes have can sometimes have bottle but now that i'm used to drinking it out of a can it's so much better. Just seems flat or something out of a bottle. I don't know, It just doesn't seem to have the edge!

I am addicted to Pepsi Max!!!

When pregnant i craved it and drank as much as i could up to the caffine limits!!!
Coke but i've given up on softdrink.

Coke here! I think the diet and pepsi leave an after taste. DH drinks pepsi max if we have kfc but I can't stand it.

Coke tongue

but then I chop and change....1st choice always coke

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