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Find out about breastfeeding by doing a search (main search and forum search) to get lots of info

5 things i wish i knew before i was pregnant:
- that my ex-husband didnt really want a child
- not to eat too much because its hard to get rid of the extra skin after youve had the baby
- that I really did need to drink a lot more water because constipation when you are pregnant is about the worse thing I endured
- not to read horror stories about birthing because it just makes you more stressed
- that its important to have good posture and use core muscles to save your back
Type breast feeding into the search bar
1. Just how much it hurts
2. How much my body would change
3, how many things can go wrong
4. How to relax more about it
5. How to deal with all the helpful "advice"
Parents can find information on breastfeeding under the parenting panel or browsing breastfeeding topics in the forum.


1. no matter how "small" your baby bump may be, your baby can still be born quite large!

2. even before your baby is born you can have sleepless nights! (pregnancy insomnia) but at least i was used to the sleepless nights before there was a baby in the house smile

3. no matter how "level headed" or "calm" you are before you're pregnant, you WILL end up crying over having nothing to wear at least once while your pregnant

4. your body can do amazing things! as much as it hurts giving birth and as much as you think "you cant do it", you WILL do it!

5. itsnot just little boys that wee on you when the cold air hits their "little bits", girls do it too!
Either on one of the forums about breast feeding or looking in the pregnancy info section of the huggies site

1. I wish i knew how much it would have changed my thinking
2. how much it was going to change my relationship with my partner
3. How much i would start to worry about things that never worried me before
4. How much i would love my baby even before i've had him
5. and how scared but excited i am to meet my baby
To find out information on breastfeeding click on the baby care tab then breastfeeding or another great option is to ask the mums on the forum for a specific question

5 things I wished I'd known before having my bubs

- that breastfeeding wouldn't just happen - that it would be hard work but so worth it!

- that the love you feel for your baby would be phenomenal

- that I never really knew what tiredness is!

- that baby's routines change continually

- that it's ok to have help - it definately helps the sanity

You can get get information on Breastfeeding

What are the top 5 things you wish you'd known before becoming pregnant:

1. Being pregnant makes you have crazy dreams

2. There is an instant indescribable love that just happens when that baby is born and nothing compares to that love.

3. Rest as much as you can, and don't be afraid to use it as an excuse to just do nothing.

4. There is nothing more attractive then a pregnant woman.

5. Hormones are crazy things on their own.

1) Wish I'd know a lot more about being pregnant. I had a whirlwind lesson from a friend prior to ante-natal classes. I'd never taken any interest prior.
2) Wish I'd know how flexible children can be. When they are born you treat them like a glass doll. With the second child you throw them around compared to the first ! (Obviously not literally and still have to be gentle!)
3) Wish I'd know a lot more about Trade Me and bought nearly new stuff especially toys from there.
4) Wish I'd know what tempers children can have and how exhausting it can be. Great to get tips from other parents/magazines/forums etc.
5) Wish I'd know a lot more about facilities in the area. Didn't discover a few places till later on such as Playgroups, music groups, etc. Should have looked in to these prior to getting pregnant so there for when babs was old enough.
The top 5 things I wish I knew before becoming pregnant:

1. How to prepare my self for morning sickness (yuck).

2. I wish i knew what heartburn was before becoming pregnant becuse it was the most uncomfortable feeling.

3. That nomatter what creams,oils or serums you use they won't prevent strechmarks. And just when you think you've made it without getting any....BANG they start poping up at 38 weeks.

4. The positive things about being pregnant like how much you love feeling those little kicks and nudges inside your stomach and how much you'll miss them.

5. The out of control mood swings, Tears out of nowhere, Laughter for no reason, Happy then sad within a couple of minutes etc. But it's all worth it and i'll do it all over again. smile

1. Where can members find information about breastfeeding on the Huggies site?
I never reaserched anything on breastfeeding so just had a look then. The baby care section then click on breastfeeding or the forum.
2. What are the top 5 things you wish you'd known before becoming pregnant?
- Just how tired you can get even when you only work part-time!
- How much your body can change during and after pregnancy...I wouldn't of gotten my belly button pierced if I knew what it would like like after laugh
- That being intimate with your partner can take a while to go back to normal and be pain free
- More about vitamins and things that you should be taking during and after
- Foods that should and shouldn't be eaten

Click on the "Baby Care" tab at the top of the page, and then the smaller "Breast Feeding" tab.

*That no matter how much education you have, how many birth classes you attend, how many books you read; you will never be prepared for going into labour for the first time
*That people were going to feel the need to tell me horror stories of pregnancy and birth that would scare me and make me think it would happen to me and my baby - and how to deal with this better
*That babies don't just sleep all the time, my daughter only ever liked to sleep when I was awake and definantly not when I was trying to sleep !!!
*How much babies poo !!!! I never knew soooooo much could come out of such a small baby !!!!!
*To never go soley by someone else's advice, while advice and their experience is great to know, always trust YOUR instincts FIRST smile
You can find information about breastfeeding in the 'baby care' tab under breastfeeding or by searching the forum ( the baby section or newborn section ) or start a new thread on the forum the Huggies mums are so helpful and have heaps of advice that they willingly share smile

The 5 things I wish I knew before I became pregnant:
1. Morning sickness doesn't just last the morning, it hangs around all day and doesn't always stop at the end of the first trimester
2. How much patience you really have to have
3. How much I would love my children, they are the most beautiful, precious gift.
4. Everyone will have an opinion on how you should raise your child.
5. Having the baby is the easy part, raising a child is difficult and frustrating but it is also the most rewarding, joyous, beautiful, loving job in the world!!!

The top five things are:

1. If pregnancy was a book they'd cut the last chapter.

2. You will soon never be able to have a shower / go to the loo in peace again.

3. The house really won't implode if the washing up gets left till the next morning.

4. The term "Morning sickness" is a LIE it can last allll day.

5. If you were a prude before pregnancy, this will no longer be the case after giving birth.
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