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Go to the baby care tab an then the breast feeding tab smile

Top 5:

1- Not to buy too many dressy clothes as they are hard to dress and undress when changing Nappies onsies are most practical.

2- Huggies is the only brand of Nappies that has the correct fit for newborn babies.

3- Huggies wipes are much better than any other brand and remove more using less wipes.

4- To buy lots of different size clothes because you don't know how big your baby will be or how long the clothes will fit for.

5- Buy some bottles just in case you cannot breast feed or you need to express to give your baby that extra top up.
Tips for Breastfeeding are at

Before I had kids I wish someone had told me how tierd I would be but also how blessed I would be to have great kids who are always willing to give you a hug and a wet kiss when u r down and the 2nd thing would be how much breastfeeding and teeth dont mix , oh and by the way dont eat grapes whilst breatfeeding because that has its own punishment in store for mum & bub - so those would be the top 3 the next 2 are annoying but not a deal breaker ( if I had been told I still wouldnt have believed)
4/ How much I would fall in love with my kids and the smile they bring to my face every day
5/ How watching them walk for the 1st time is like winning gold at the London Olympics
You can access information on breastfeeding at

The top 5 things I wish I knew before becoming pregnant:

1. Just how painful breastfeeding would be if your baby isn't latching on correctly.
2. How hard it is to leave your little one for the first time.
3. How much closer the relationship between you and your partner is since your baby has been born
4. Having a C-section was not actually as bad as expected. I guess you have something else to keep your mind off the pain.
5. How difficult it is to survive on little sleep, but it is all so worth it!!!

Where can members find information about breastfeeding on the Huggies site?

Click 'baby care' Tab, then click 'beastfeeding' tab in that section.

2. What are the top 5 things you wish you'd known before becoming pregnant?

1. to take folic acid tablets when trying to concieve a few months before and during the first 12 weeks of pregancy to prevent the risk of neural tube defects.
2. eatting healthy increases the chance of conception
3. taking raspberry leaf tablets from 37 weeks pregnant to help with contrations and after birth pains (had only used it with no:3 and the contractions, after birth pains were nothing! wish i had kow aout it from y 1st pregnancy! (seriously, DD2 was born at home thats how painless it was for me!)
4. The cost of a newborn, be financially ready in regards to furiture eg: cot, change table, highchair, pram, car seat looking at $$ before th baby arrives!!!
5. Having the knowledge of your AND parner's family heath history when attending booking in clinic, (i knew mine but not his well after all i thought it is about me not him)
You can find lots of ways on the huggies site to find information on breast feeding heres a few ways...
3. Ask on the forums or start up a new thread.

The 5 things i'd wished i'd known...

1 That I'd be sick the whole way through.
2. How much the 1st heart beat would bring tears to my eyes
3. That no matter what size you are your baby can be 9"06 and look just as beautiful as any newborn
4. How much it was going to cost at the start.
5.How much the milk would hurt when it came in at the end
for breastfeeding info,

1. Everyone tells you that you will get no sleep but you don't really think the first week you get no sleep!!
2. Child birth can be really quick as I experienced!! Especially when my sister went through 42 hours, mine was only 7.
3. How much love you have when you see that adorable little face. You feel like you will explode with love!!
4. That I would crave fruit my entire pregnancy!!
5. How quick they learn things and how much they change in what seems like such a short amount of time!!
What are the top 5 things you wish you'd known before becoming pregnant?

1. i wish i knew that i would feel like a beached whale when trying to roll out of bed 9 months pregnant

2. i wish i knew how long you bleed for after birth

3. i wish i knew how emotional i'd be if i did i would have stocked up on tissues

4. i wish i knew what my tummy would look like afterwards

5. i wish i knew that being a mum would be this much rewarding and so much fun if i did i would have done it sooner xx smile
In the baby care section is where you can find about breast feeding.

5 things i wish i knew
1. That my feet were going to swell
2. that i was going to get heal spurs (which im still battling lol)
3. that i was going to hate every bit of it (apart from the good stuff)
4. that i would see the world diferently
5. that my life could never be happier smile
information re breastfeeding can be found in this link
theres also, a link on the bottom of the home page that will give you information regarding this matter.

5 things i wish i knew before becoming pregnant:
1. hubby should position himself on the side and must not look down when baby is coming. this might affect your sex life smile
2. im so worried about stretchmarks that i put a lot of cream on my tummy. i realised that stretchmarks may appear almost anywhere so you have to moisturise all over.
3. i wish i knew about the ivf in the US wherein you can choose the sex of your baby. i couldve done this instead of trying to have a boy (i have 3 girls now).
4. the later part of pregnancy gives a new meaning to PMS (pls let me sleep) lol smile
5. its the best experience in the whole wide world and i couldve started sooner.
1. You can go to for some great information on breastfeeding.

2. 5 things I wish I'd known before becoming pregnant:
- Morning sickness shouldn't be called morning sickness: it should be morning, afternoon, evening and night sickness.
- That wonderful memory you have right now disappears when you become pregnant, and maybe one day in the next few years it'll return!
- No one can tell you anything that'll prepare you for the joy, terror, horror and love of being a parent.
- Preparing a meal for new parents and dropping it off to them is the best help you can give them.
- You will be tired when you first become a parent. Very tired. Beyond any form of tiredness you have felt before. Yet somehow, our miraculous bodies continue to function through the day and care for our bundles of joy.
1 - the stretch marks don't just appear on your belly - they can be on your thighs too
2 - listen to the advice, you'll get heaps, but do what works for you - no one will know your baby and what it needs better than you - no matter what you think
3 - Just how long it can feel between obstetricain appointments, how much you can imagine could go wrong and how much relief you can feel when you hear that heartbeat at your appointments.
4 - Listen to the people who tell you to sleep whenever, absolutely WHENEVER, the baby sleeps - you won't even enjoy your clean house when you are sleep deprived and the baby definitely does not care if the floor was swept today or yesterday.
5 - It's ok to not love being pregnant Or, go to the baby care tab and then hit the breast feeding article, or ask on another thread.

5 things I wish I'd known:

1) Ultrasounds are really hard to get into.
2) Choosing the hospital you want is a big decision
3) Baby Showers are HARD to organize
4) Pregnancy takes FOREVER ( I just want to hold my baby in my arms)
5) How scary it is when you think something's gone wrong in your pregnancy because even though you haven't held your baby psychically yet, if you even think about losing it your heart breaks :'(
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