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1. in the Looking after Baby section under the page called "Expanding brestfeeding guide"

2a. How tired you become daily, Sleep is a treat you only get it when ALL jobs are done and baby is asleep or out with family member or partner (but then you still toss and turn worrying about your baby)

2b. How unsettled baby gets when routine is all out of whack( have done allot of travelling in last few months and baby's routine has gone all up the duff and has taken 3weeks to try settle baby back into routine)

2c. Does not matter what you do or how you do it, you will still be judged and critisized for doing it.(she shouldn't. . . , why are you. . . .. ?, ) sad

2d. You can't trust or expect anyone else to feel the same towards your children.( your love becomes unconditional, you feel like you have never loved anything the way you love this little ray of sun shine and all you want to do is hold baby so close all the time and protect them, even thought you know you shouldn't).

2e. how normal it is to feel like your insides are going to fall out when you move just the tiniest bit, and telling yourself DON'T cough, step, jump, fart, burp, poop, pee, laugh, or move at all, your inside will fall so DON'T (oh how i miss this feeling
For breastfeeding info:

1. That second time round you can actually feel worse!
2. To say yes to help/food when its offered even if you don't think you need it - a few weeks down the track that meal you froze could be well needed.
3. Everyone lies about how great everything is going in your first coffee groups - once friendships blossom you find out the real truths and that everyone feels as tired/sore as you do!
4. The first two weeks (when hubby is at home) are actually the easiest.
5. That you can get really jealous of other people giving your baby cuddles when you only seem to hold her for feeds.
Go to the baby care tab and select breastfeeding, or use the link:

1. Pregnancy is an amazing experience. However it's not always enjoyable, sometimes it just sucks.
2. Researching newborn information is just as important as pregnancy information
3. After the first couple of days with baby and not knowing what to do, you learn, adapt and grown in ways your never knew you could.
4. A mothers instinct is the most important thing. If something doesn't seem right, find out what it is. Sometimes it's only something little, but other times you'll be glad you were so demanding.
5. Once your baby is born, even if they're only a few weeks old, you'll feel like they were always around.
1. Where can members find information about breastfeeding on the Huggies site?
In the baby care tab, also by doing a search and looking up helpfull hints from other mums in the forums and blogs

2. What are the top 5 things you wish you'd known before becoming pregnant?
That the smallest things other people do will fustrate you (hello inlaws)
That you very quickly pick up on your babies crys and what they mean
That you very well might want to have sex with your partner only days after giving birth but your not allowed to
That back pain is a given when breastfeeding
That your life will change for the better and that you know it has when you get excited that huggies are on sale!!!! (not excited about the lastest i phone release like before)
In the Babycare section, so much information its great. Lisa
This week's questions (15 August 2012)
1. Where can members find information about breastfeeding on the Huggies site?
2. What are the top 5 things you wish you'd known before becoming pregnant?

1. In the baby care section

- how little sleep you actually get once baby is here. Everyone told me to catch up on sleep before bubs got he but I just didn't get it!
- how much baby takes over your life. I really thought I could go on doing what I normally do! How delusional but the best thing that has ever happened to me.
- forget about what they say in the books. The best thing to do is to follow your instinct and baby's cues.
- that bonding does not happen immediately but oh my god once we bonded no one can separate you.
- pregnancy is training for when the baby gets here. You learn to get up many times a night, your body is no longer your own and you learn to put someone else's needs above your own.

1. Information about breastfeeding can be found In the baby care section.

2. The top 5 things I wish I had known before becoming pregnant are:
1) How bad morning sickness can really be & what you can try to help relieve it.
2) that no matter how much you think you are prepared for raising a baby ... you are not.
3) That your whole outlook on life will change, your friends will change
4) That the first time my little girl looked at me would make me cry harder than all the times I threw up
5) that I will always remember the bad bits of being pregnant, labour, sleepless nights etc, but that wont stop me from doing it again because I have never been happier or more blessed than I am with my baby grin
to find out about breast feeding just hit the the breastfeeding tab on the home page or start a thread of your own there r thousands of mum's happy to offer advice and sympathy.

1 i would have really liked to know that if you don't get the big rush of emotion. you don' t think your baby is just the best looking thing in the world. then it does not mean you r a bad mum.

2 i would have liked to know that when you do get the rush a couple of days down the road. that it is the most amazing thing u will ever fell, but it is also the most scary thing you can fell as well.

3 i would like to have known that i would not trust anybody with my first baby! not through any fault of there own. i just think its a first time mum thing.

4 i would like to have known that there is no magic age that your baby will get to, and everything will run smoothly.

5 i would like to have known that i would have to fight with everything i have, to get people to listen to my worries about my sick baby.

1. Where can members find information about breastfeeding on the Huggies site?

If your looking for some personal experiences and tips you can also start a new or join an existing topic in the forum section- a great place to chat to other mum's smile

2. What are the top 5 things you wish you'd known before becoming pregnant?

*Becoming pregnant will change you! Planned or unplanned you are about to embark on a journey that is unique for every person.
*It is OK to ask questions and have moments of 'have I done the right thing'- if it's happened to you, somewhere someone else has felt the same way you have, had the same worries you have and have experienced the excitment, doubt and nervousness that you may be feeling.
*Reading pregnancy and parenting books CAN be reassuring BUT it may also freak the bejesus out of you- I learnt this one the hard way; wanting to be super prepared I stocked up on books friends and collegues had all recommended but 2 chapters into one particular book and I was worried about things I had been doing and how I may have affected my unborn, I quickly put the books down and rang my midwife for reassurance and from there on in used the books as reference if I was wanting more information on something in particular rather than overloading my emotinally overloaded pregnant brain with everything the book may have to offer.
*Sometimes it easier just to buy the next size up in 'normal' clothes (yep this was another of my emotionally overloaded pregnancy brain moments smile)'. Trying to buy maternity clothing can be overwhelming and costly- not to mention if your younger some of them may make you feel like a nana or that your only options are 'sacks'. I found some great items at kmart that had a good amount of stretch and I was still able to feel like me.
*Some days you will be estatic, others you will be an emotional mess, not to mention the days when you are just sooo tired and nauseous you dont even feel capable of holding a decent conversation- speak to those closest to you so they understand how you are feeling and they can support you. If you dont feel like those around you quite 'get it', jump on the huggies forum and see how other mum's and mum's to be have tackled how you may be feeling!
For information about breast feeding go to

5 things i wish i would known before becoming pregnant was:
1. That i can have all day sickness not just morning ones for the first 5 months. sad
2. That i can still have stretch marks even if i used & rub expensive oils in my belly. sad sad sad
3. That my tummy muscles will never gonna come back to normal after cs. sad sad
4. That i will loose too much hair after being pregnant. sad
5. That i dont need to buy lots of newborn size boxes of huggies nappies because my baby came out very big should buy the next size up.

You can find information on Breastfeeding at a number of spots on the huggies site.

Or create your own thread and ask all the mother's here on huggies.

My top five things that i wish id known before i got pregnant are:

1. That i would go off coffee and fried food sad cause it made me throw up for the first 3 months.
2. That working as a chef at 9months preggas is not a good idea and to get maternity leave earlier.
3. You need a whole queen size bed to yourself and i should of got a extra 1 for my partner.
4. Go for a holiday before your pregnant cause you'll have morning sickness and be tired and grumpy for the next 10 months and wont want to go anywhere too far from home/hospital.
5. That the due date is a very rough estimate and to be prepared to go 9 days over (lucky me lol)
Type breastfeeding, or go to baby care and then the breastfeeding tab. I would have liked to have known what labour pain was like, about the essential vitamins to take when breastfeeding, how many of which items to buy, what support groups were available and what expected baby weight gains are.
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