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2, Breastfeeding can be damn hard...
Hormones and the baby blues are harder....
But the hardest thing in the world is bringing up kids (but sooo the most rewarding).
Make the most of your naked body now, because it will never be the same again!
Throw all your expectations away, that way when things dont go to your 'plan' you wont be so disappointed.

1. Where can members find information about breastfeeding on the Huggies site?


2. What are the top 5 things you wish you'd known before becoming pregnant?

1. To spend quality time with your partner because when your pregnant and after having the baby your relationship, even though it isn't bad becomes different to what it was before.
2. That an ultrasound isn't always perfect news and can make you worry the rest of your pregnancy.
3. Looking after a small child and being pregnant isn't easy, having to still care for them and take them to all your pregnancy appointments gets very tiring.
4. Feeling a baby inside you is like nothing you could ever explain or imagine.
5. That I wouldn't be able to sleep on my stomach anymore. smile

Before I got pregnant I wish I knew:
1. How lonely being a stay at home mum can be.
2. That births don't happen as you plan them, my son came 10 weeks early.
3. That you sometimes can't trust your doctor to give you the right advice.
4. Breastfeeding isn't easy and not everyone is able to do it.
5. Books about pregnancy/birth/ child rearing don't have all answers.
Top 5 things I would have like to have known

1- Breastfeeding actually isnt that bad and boy do you miss that bond once its gone
2- Even though pregnancy was uncomfortable I should have made more of a effort to photograph my growing belly
3- Yes your body isnt going to be the way it was but you have just made the ultimate miracle
4- Enjoy every bit of sleep you have before the baby is born and totally and utterly love love love your partner to bits as once bubby is born he doesnt get much attention
5- Clean the house like crazy before baby is born getting into all those things you have been meaning to do and once bubby is here you forget where the time goes during the day tongue
1. Where can members find information about breastfeeding on the Huggies site?



2. What are the top 5 things you wish you'd known before becoming pregnant?

- Morning sickness can strike anywhere and anytime.

- That our life will change forever and it will never be the same carefree life ever again.

- Mood swings and PND will be quite normal if you don't have help around.

- Your belly can grow so big and will not reduce to the pre pregnant state for couple of months after delivery.

- Pregnancy will be over after 9 months but motherhood will last for your whole lifetime.

Go to the baby care tab - then breastfeeding or

1. How bad hearburn can get!

2. What pre eclamspia is.

3. How to get a baby to sleep on their own.

4. Advice is good, but trust yourself too.

5. Just how much life would change - for the better!


2. (a) That I would need to have caesars for all my pregnancies. Would have saved a lot of grief with being induced, bub getting stuck and then having an emergency caesar. The pre-booked caesar for no.2 was a breeze by comparison.
(b) That two senior staff at my work would leave when I was 6 weeks pregnant and I would be covering their workload while in the worst of morning sickness.
(c) That there are a whole range of things you need to book the moment you find out you are pregnant as waiting lists are so long you can't get in otherwise (e.g. OBs, child care centres and even some schools). I had to ring 6 OBs before finding one whose list wasn't full yet and I was only 7 weeks pregnant!
(d) That everyone thinks it is ok to touch and rub your belly without asking!
(e) That everyone has 101 stories for their pregnancy and birth experience and will share only the terrible parts and not the nice parts.
To find information about breastfeeding, click on the 'baby care' tab at the top of the screen and then select the first tab 'breastfeeding'. This information can also be accessed here: It includes tips for breastfeeding and common problems, nutrition for mums, where to find support, and how to eventually stop breastfeeding.

Things I wished I knew before becoming pregnant:

1. Just how hard babies can bite your nipples. Ouch.

2. How much newborn poo smells.

3. That everyone else knows how to look after my baby better than me.

4. That I would never get to eat dinner while it is hot again.

5. That I would have to pick my baby's nose.

It's all worth it though smile
Find breast feeding info under baby care tab, forum or ask the experts.

Top 5 things I wish I knew before falling pregnant:
1. When people say it can take a while to fall pregnant...keep in mind it can happen the first try also.
2. Don't think sleepless nights start when the baby is born. It starts during 3rd trimester.
3. Some GP's still deliver babies, you don't always need an OB. (Much cheaper and easier to get apts)
4. Everyone has advice but chances are, no-one you know has a story like yours.
5. Don't play down pregnancy and childbirth just because 'women have been doing it forever'. It is a very special time enjoy it and praise yourself and your amazing body. Or search breast feeding.

Top 5 things I wish I was told before becoming Pregnant:

1: How emotional you get all the way through. One day over the moon the next crying over a nothing.

2: How slow the first three months go while you wait for all the test, then how fast the last six go.

3:How some women suffer from horrific nightmares during pregnancy

4:How everyone things you want there advice.

5: How everyone things you are freaking out about the birth. When my feeling was it is to late to get out of it so Y not in brace it and enjoy all the aspects good and bad. why stress about something you cant control.


1. Click the tab up the top that says 'Baby Care' then there is a breastfeeding section.
2. *I've learnt that every womens pregnancy is different and not to take everyones advice as correct for me.
*My hormones have gone crazy and I cry at absolutely nothing
* The amount of people that want to rub/pat your belly
* My husband wanting to do more around the house to feel more involved; it's awesome!
* The weird food cravings at any time of the day/night
Members can find information about breastfeeding on the Huggies site here

1. How emotional i would be during pregnancy, birth and afterwards. I found it hard as my partner doesn't know how to deal with emotional turbulence so was quite often telling me to "build a bridge" hmmmm! not very supportive but i laugh about it now, he tried in his own crazy way smile

2. That morning sickness doesn't just occur in the mornings and doesn't always go away by week 16 and that it can come back bad in the last 6-8 weeks before bub is due.

3. That your plans for returning to work or going on holidays can go straight out the window once your bub lands back in hospital for extended and continued visits.

4. That when people say prepare for sleepless nights that they mean sleepless nights and that it can be hell and the worst form of torture as it brings out the worst in you :/

5. That i would become so possessive, controlling and paranoid ha!
(Glad i'm over that now smile)
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