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You can find information on the Huggies website on breast feeding by clicking on this website or you can click on the Baby Care tab then click on breast feeding smile

The top 5 things i wish i had known is..

1. Everyone will have their opinion on how bub should be born and raised but in the only persons whose opinion matters is yours!

2. Your obstetrician may not show the excitment like you of your expecting arrival but deep down they really are and they do care!

3. Its not the end of the world if you cant breast feed for aslong as you hoped formula provides just as much nutrition and your not any less of a mum!

4. Time really does fly when you are having fun... I cant believe my little girl turns 1 in a few weeks

5. That no matter what your hormones are telling really do love your husband and you forgive him for all the pain you have during pregnancy tongue


Go to
or the Baby care tab --> Breastfeeding

I wish I had have known;
1. Don't listen to anyone's awful birth stories, everyone is different
2. That you don't HAVE to buy maternity clothes, larger sizes work just as well
3. You will become ridiculously hormonal and cry about food
4. Get as much sleep now as you can because even if your baby is an excellent night sleeper you will still wake up regularly to check on them.
5. You can never have too many nappies or wipes
You can find out about breast feeding in the baby care section on this website cool
when I was pregnet I wish I had known smile

1.) should start excercising
2.) should buy some baby supplies
3.) eat healthy food
4.) being preapered for labour pain
5.) taking rest
under babycare on the huggies website youll find infomation about breastfeeding
Question 1
Go to baby care tab, then you can locate breastfeeding infomation

Question 2
I wish I knew that:
1. To 'shop around' for the best ob for me.
2. That morning sickness can be all day all night and for 38 weeks...tablets do not always make it better.
3. That picking a name for your child can be one of the hardest decisions.
4. No matter how much you read you really do not understand how much you can love until you are pregnant and have a wounderful child growing inside.
5. Everyone has an opinon on your life/choices/food/tummy but it does not matter so long as you know within yourself you are making the best choices you can for your child...Just smile and nod at all the rest!


2. Five things I wish I knew before:
- You really can get pregnant that quickly!
- Everyone tells you childbirth will be a wonderful experience, no one tells you it maybe the worst sad
- It is not like in the movies! LOL
- Everything everyone says about babies is true, believe it, you really will love them like you can not yet imagine
- There is so much stuff on the market you really don't need! smile

1.I wish I knew how much hard work it is when the baby is out 24/7 and no days off and dont worry about the labour its not that bad
2.Dont listen to those scary labour stories , will make u scared for nothing
3. That some family members will stay away from you because they dont like newborns, wish I knew that earlier so I wont feel so sad esp during the first week when baby number 1 was born.
3.Wish i knew I shouldnt have baby shower too close to giving birth , got really tired and got sick
4 my husband changed overnight as soon as he became a father , helped out with cooking so sweet
5.He knew more about child birth than I expect of him... he found it exciting... yeah he didnt feel the pain!!!!

1) In the baby care section, under breast feeding.
- how messy kids are!
- how much love you can feel with a single smile (even when they are covered in the muck they just made)
- how so many people will tell you how to be a parent! (they are just giving advice, but i wish i had been prepared for the bombardment of advice!)
- how helpful my husband would be in the "poo" department :s
- and finally, I wish i knew before i had kids how much closer it would bring my husband and me. I now understand what a family truly is.
1. hop on to this:
2. the 5 things:
don't eat too much salty food
not eating for 2
hormones makes us moody
sleep is so precious
dont buy alof of maternity clothes

Here is where you can find breastfeeding information:



I wish I had of known the following before becoming pregnant:

1. Listen to advice given, but that does not mean you have to take it in and follow.
2. Trust your motherly instinct.
3. Stay true to yourself, believe in yourself, you are going to be a great mum.
4. Accept help, you do not need to do everything yourself, but do not let anyone take over.
5. And love yourself for who you are.

1. Breaking wind - Yes that smell really did just come from me:S

2. Hormones - Yes fights really will happen over simple things like who gets the last piece of chocolate.

3. Breast size - If I knew that my boobs would get this big I would've considered pregnancy ages ago:)

4. Body Shape - Yes that is cellulite I see on the back of my thighs.

5. Complications - It is very irritating that the doctor can't give me a reason for why my body is doing this.
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