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Breastfeeding information can be found at:

5 things I wish I knew before becoming pregnant:

1. Your growing belly can be an attractive accessory so instead of hidding it - flaunt it!

2. Telling your boss that you're pregnant can be the most awkward pregnancy experience ever.

3. You can never run out of little things to worry about while you're pregnant.

4. Pregnancy can make you feel more alive and at your best. You'll get over the aches and pains simply by thinking about the little bundle of joy growing inside your belly.

5. You might think you know everything about pregnancy after reading all the preganancy books and articles you can get a hold of but you will always learn something new from your own experience. It just proves that experience is still the best teacher.
1. Information on Breastfeeding:
You can also ask for help and info on: and on the forum.

2. My top 5 things that I'd wished I'd known before becoming pregnant:
1. Morning sickness can happen at anytime, but some things can relieve it such as ginger.
2. Folic acid / health supplements should be taken from when you are trying to conceive.
3. Diet before and during pregnancy is very important - No chain coffee drinking or 'eating for two'.
4. Everyone has an opinion on what is best for your pregnancy / child care and some of these opinions need to be politely ignored.
5. Being pregnant takes up a lot of energy, it's better to plan out finances / lifestyle changes as soon as possible ( not waiting to move house / country until the last minuite).
1)Breast Feeding Info:
Baby care Tab and then the first tab is Breastfeeding
click on the link to view the info:
2)Top 5 before you'd know before getting pregnant:

i) You will really grow big,beautiful though
ii)ups and downs of moods and cravings
iii)Losing all that pregnancy fat which was good while you were pregnant.
iv)wonderful sleep while pregnant is a warning sign to be awake most of the time when bub arrives so rest while preggy
v)lots of love and gifts and bub clothes you will get while pregnant and ofcourse unwanted advices.

1)That my back would hurt so much
2)That i would be so emotional
3)that i would be lazier
4)That i would eat weird foods
5)That id be so sick
Members can find info on breastfeeding at:

Things I wish I had known before becoming pregnant:
1. I wish I knew I was going to be a single mum - however I am well prepared and wouldn't change it for the world. Everything happens for a reason!
2. I wish I knew I had fallen pregnant earlier, then perhaps I could have rethought all those mojitos at the unlimited bar on my all inclusive holiday at 5wks :S
3. I wish I knew just how intense it is the first time you see your baby at your 12 week scan. My gosh I was the happiest I have ever been in my whole entire life and all the while I was a complete blubbering mess at the same time (happy tears of course).
4. I wish I knew all the knitty gritty details of birthing and possible complications before I was pregnant. Hearing them now scares there hell out of me.
5. I wish I knew my boobs were going to look this bloody amazing grin I would have got pregnant ages ago tongue

All the best to all you mums (and dads) out there who are expecting or currently raising their precious babies!!
Various places, but start here:

5 Things I wish I had known
1. I knew my boobs would get bigger, but had no idea that they'd get this big!!
2. You feel like the size of a house, even though you may not look it
3. What worked for everyone else, may not necessarily work for you.
4. Everyone wants to give you advice, and sometimes you want to talk about something not baby related
5. If your mum is anything like mine, you wont need to buy much as the baby will have enough clothes to get it through it's first year
tickled*pink wrote: Or, go to the baby care tab and then hit the breast feeding article smile

1. Promising yourself that when you fall pregnant you'll eat healthier/exercise is rubbish. Just start now before you're pregnant.

2. Everyone has an opinion on your parenting before the baby even arrives. It's all part of the fun though; no need to take any of it to heart.

3. You will feel bigger than you really are.

4. Yes, your body really can stretch more. Just when you think 'that's it, i couldn't possibly grow anymore' you do laugh

5. There may be a time where you hate and love being pregnant at the same time. It's fine. You can cry about it if you need to but's all good. (and boy howdy did i cry during my first pregnancy...)

6. I didn't even know I was pregnant until I was 16 weeks and I used to do horrible things before I found out and my beautiful girl is fine. I honestly think just keep to the best you can be dont do it for you do it for the baby.
The baby care tab on the top of your screen and then into breast feeding lots of help there.

1. You can't wait for buns to get here and then sometimes you will wish you just had a few more weeks to yourself

2. You are your babys mum and therefore you know when something is wrong even when the experts tell you - your just a new mum babies cry - follow and persists with your instincts your are right

3. When other people talk about what great sleepers their newborns are when your baby hasn't slept a full night yet, give them sometime their baby will start teething and wake up at all hours of the night once you have your angel sleeping great then you can tell them how great it is

4. Babies do things at different times, give them some time and encouragement and they will reach their milestones when they are ready - also you will wish they just stayed where you left them like when they were little

5. Nothing will ever be more rewarding than being a mum even at 4am and your baby is wide awake. A smile from him/her makes everything better
Breast feeding advice is on baby care tab.

5 things I wish I knew
-that the first month is a blur of activity and lack of sleep
-that nipple guards existed and would keep my daughter breast feeding for 8 months
-how quickly you forget the pain of labour when you get to hold your baby
-How quickly you can go from being happy to sad and knowing when you need to seek help
- that it takes forever to meet your little one and then time flies so fast once they are out
1. you can find out about breastfeeding under the babycare tab or from others in forums

2. the five things i wish id known before getting pregnant would be;

a) make sure the house your about to rent has a bath!! reaching all body parts in the shower is getting quite awkward!

b) the 'recipe' for making a girl! so all the things ive bought over the years are not going to sit in boxes for more years to come and i had to start all over again buying boy stuff!

c) heartburn! oh so bad heartburn..

d) that my poor partner would have to suffer my lack of sex drive! here's hoping it returns after birth lol.

e) that my older dog would stop being settled and turn a little bonkers! she must be picking up on the boy vibe!

1. Where can members find information about breastfeeding on the Huggies site?
Answer: and forums

2. What are the top 5 things you wish you'd known before becoming pregnant?
- that I wouldn't be able to shop for myself anymore cause of 'mommy goggles' (after having a baby, all I see in the shops now are baby stuff!)
- the book called 'Sensation Baby Sleep Plan' by Alison Scott-Wright (I could have been more prepared when the little monster came out)
- that there are pillows especially made for pregnant women (of course! how can i not think of that)
- that Aveeno Moisturizer is the best anti-itch cream there is (I endured more than a month of itchy belly and didn't care about scars. Now I regret it!)
- that sweets are harder to avoid than alcohol!

1. About baby blues
2. Ignore Birth Stories
3. Trust instincts
4. Every baby is different - books and internet examples wont always work
5. Body and sleep pattern changes even once baby sleeps through
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