Winners Wed 22 August 2012
We had such a fantastic response from all of you and it was so hard to pick just 1 winner but this week we have chosen GLWCHW's answer. Well done! smile

GLWCHW wrote:
1. Where can members find information about breastfeeding on the Huggies site?

If your looking for some personal experiences and tips you can also start a new or join an existing topic in the forum section- a great place to chat to other mum's smile

2. What are the top 5 things you wish you'd known before becoming pregnant?

*Becoming pregnant will change you! Planned or unplanned you are about to embark on a journey that is unique for every person.
*It is OK to ask questions and have moments of 'have I done the right thing'- if it's happened to you, somewhere someone else has felt the same way you have, had the same worries you have and have experienced the excitment, doubt and nervousness that you may be feeling.
*Reading pregnancy and parenting books CAN be reassuring BUT it may also freak the bejesus out of you- I learnt this one the hard way; wanting to be super prepared I stocked up on books friends and collegues had all recommended but 2 chapters into one particular book and I was worried about things I had been doing and how I may have affected my unborn, I quickly put the books down and rang my midwife for reassurance and from there on in used the books as reference if I was wanting more information on something in particular rather than overloading my emotinally overloaded pregnant brain with everything the book may have to offer.
*Sometimes it easier just to buy the next size up in 'normal' clothes (yep this was another of my emotionally overloaded pregnancy brain moments smile)'. Trying to buy maternity clothing can be overwhelming and costly- not to mention if your younger some of them may make you feel like a nana or that your only options are 'sacks'. I found some great items at kmart that had a good amount of stretch and I was still able to feel like me.
*Some days you will be estatic, others you will be an emotional mess, not to mention the days when you are just sooo tired and nauseous you dont even feel capable of holding a decent conversation- speak to those closest to you so they understand how you are feeling and they can support you. If you dont feel like those around you quite 'get it', jump on the huggies forum and see how other mum's and mum's to be have tackled how you may be feeling!