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how do i no if i can trust my dog an cat if the've never been around a baby before
Hi, i have always had atleast 2 cats and 2 or more dogs, even before my first bub.
Always had atleast one indoor dog.
When DD1 was 2 she was attacked by hubbies dog, he was on a runner out the back and she ran out the back door to get the kitten, the dog just lunged for her, while we were at the door. He had never done anything like it before or shown agression like that before. Her face was covered in blood and i held a tea towel over her face with her sitting on my lap in the front seat of the car while hubby drove to hospital. We got sent to a bigger hospital where they could put her under to stitch her up. She ended up with stitches near her nose, on her eyebrow, on her chin and she had a chipped tooth. We had him put down.
I had a staffy that was an indoor dog when i had DD2, when she cried the staffy would run to her bassinet like she was checking to see if she was okay.
I never leave the kids alone with the dogs, even if i think the dog can be trusted, its not a risk im willing to take.
At the moment we have a mastiff and one of her pups, who is now 1 year old and bigger than his mum, we played with hime when he eats from the time he was a pup, and hes had the kids all over him from the start but i wont leave them alone with him. They have their own yard so when the kids go out to play they arent with the dogs.
With the cats, i have never had a problem with them getting in the bassinet or anything like that.
Don't trust any animal with your baby. I hate it when people say 'Its ok it won't bite', well, shiver me timbers when the dog turns round and nips my child ! (This has happened a few times). I don't want dogs near by child. I tell my child not to go near dogs especially if the owner isn't with it. Sometimes my children will ask permission to stroke a dog but only if an adult is nearby and if they allow it. We have a cat and it is not allowed in the childrens bedrooms. The children can stroke it but in moderation and not when feeding, etc. They have to learn the rules as do the animals. At the end of the day, I've seen adults who have had their heads literally bitten to shreads from certain animals (not saying its going to happen to your children or by your animals) so I would never take any risks. I put the bassinet out prior to the baby arriving and would not allow the cat near it. He learnt the rules straight away. Still have to be careful though. Good luck.
YOu never know how they will react/cope. My cat has scratched and bitten every child who ever visited us (even after constantly wanring them not to go near the cat!) but with our bub - he was all over him with love. My cat is 14 years old and he lets my 2 year old pull his tail, squash him - crawl into his cat cave and in general boss him around and he purrs through the whole thing. I'd have NEVER thought that would happen and stressed fo ages over what would be.... but it has worked our purrfectly! haha. Our dog also loves him and is always by his side when we go somewhere - eg beach/park - she is his constant companion. But we still always keep a constant watch and guard as you never know. Both animals and kids are unpredictable - so being on guard and on watch is a must, even with their obvious loving relationships. My advice is to introduce them; set boundaries - if you need to change habits of your dog - change them before bub arrives - not after. And hope for the best!
You dont know how your dog/pet will react, its a matter of time and even then as above people have said - you never know!

We have 2 labradors, a 2yr old Chocolate & a 5 month olf Yellow - both of which came into the picture well after our children were born (they didnt experience 'baby'). Our 2yr old lab is the most sweetest, calm, bomb proof dog ever, my 4 yr old son uses him as a pillow some nights and Jaffa will happily let him, its the connection they have.

I cannot imagine anything ever happening to my children with our dogs but that doesnt mean I dont think they arent capable of it, they are at the end of the day, animals! Visitors children are told not to pull or tug on the dogs and to play nicely to avoid the dogs becoming over excited as some kids that visit us dont have big pets at home and wouldnt cope with how our labs go when they go into over excited mode lol but during play are always watched regardless.

I honestly dont watch my kids with the dogs by supervising their play time as the kids and dogs are pretty much free to go from inside the house to the back yard as they wish (the dogs more then the kids obviously lol), they have all built up a very visible and honest trust between them all but I would always protect my child before my dog even if I love my labs as if they were my children.

Take the time to watch them verrrry closely and dont think that becuase for a week they have been great together that its going to be fine... smile

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