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Win a Huggies Art Desk! 24th July 2013 Lock Rss

Win a fantastic Huggies Art Desk that your creative tot will love! All you need to do is answer our weekly question and the most creative answer will win...

This week we want to know...

What has been your highlight of 2013 so far?

By answering this Weekly Question in the Huggies Forum, you have the chance to win a Huggies Art Desk … and remember the judges are looking for the most creative response!

We will select 1 winning entry every week.

What do you need to do?
1. You will need to join the Huggies Club or sign in if you are already a member.
2. Each week, the Huggies Moderators will post a few questions in the Fun & Games section
3. Post a reply to the weekly question for your chance to win.

For full details and terms and conditions of this promotion, just access the link.

Huggies Moderators smile
My highlight for 2013 is for having my first bub, it was an answered prayer which happened when I least expecting it. Been worried honestly more than excited when the good news came across since I'd be flying 3 days before my flight to AU as migrant, pregnancy went smoothly though I really feel so bored on the new land with nothing to do hour by hour and day by day since I am a very workaholic person. Birthing makes my life shamble ending up with CS and heartbreakingly, bub needs to be in ICU and stayed there for 3 weeks. I totally ignored my CS pain, coz it seems that I never felt it anyway knowing my bub is more in pain and he doesn't deserve such treatment and procedure. But, Praise God, bub is fighting for his life being a strong one..we are both okey now, we surpassed that moment and now, we are both enjoying our bonding together everyday. Each day seems to be fast and his milestone keeps on going and I am very excited every development he has. His smiles makes my day and I giggled just last 2 days ago when I heard him laugh (with a sound) coz he just always smiling and laughing with an open mouth. grin
DD1 came into our care a few months ago and she has cerebal palsy amoung other things we where told she would never be able to walk hold her head up etc, yesterday she held herself up on her feet, it brought tears to my eyes and it takes alot of work but we are so proud of her she stood up and was great

My highlight would be emigrating to Australia from the UK in April. Such an emotional upheaval to leave my friends and family behind, but worth it 100 times over to see my 20 month old running in and out of the garden all day - something unheard of in our London flat with a balcony and invariably miserable weather! Everyone in Australia is so amazingly friendly which has made the transition so much easier too. Love the fact strangers make conversation with you and shop assistants ask how you are. It's lovely!
My highlight was spending the 3 days in hospital with my beautiful baby girl. Most people hate it but I loved it, I loved having the visitors but having a midwife to clear them out when the time came. I loved having not to cook or clean, resting and of course getting to know my tiny girl. They grow so fast I enjoyed having time stop for a few days. I loved the food and also having someone there 24/7 to help me learn about this new stage of my life.
The highlight of my year so far has been the gay marriage law being passed in parliament. My brother is gay and I am so very glad that he now can (deservedly so) have the same rights as I do with my husband. I am so pleased for him!
my highlight of 2013 so far is having my second daughter Sophie on my birthday it was the best present ever
My Highlight of 2013 would be the arrival of my first baby. Enjoying my first pregnancy and labor experience, with the embarrassing moments of my water breaking, to the loving connection with my partner during labor, breathing through pains together. I was also grateful to experience a water birth which was calming and relaxing. After a long day we finally were able to hold our beautiful baby boy in arms smile Now we enjoy his smiles, giggles, noises and spills.
So far my little boy on his toilet training, teaching him to brush his teeth and his speech is much improved.
Having my 3rd baby she is my little angel best gift ever this year and watching my other 2 girls love and adore her and ask so many questions and when mommy is so sleep deprived and i start to questions can i do this I come across my 2 girls with their favourite stuffed toy each ( a giraffe and elephant ) with their tops up and breast feeding them and burping them and changing their nappy puts a smile on my face and realise it's all worth it.
So being a mom 2 my 3 beautiful girls is my highlight for 2013.
I feel so blessed to have a loving husband and a beautiful 17mth old girl, I couldn't ask for anything more than to see them both opening the front door for me when I come home from work everyday...(or when I beat them to the door and my daughter runs to the door with her arms wide open for a big hug!) - I guess, everyday with my family is a highlight!
You know your parent when....

you sit down to watch your favourite TV show while your child is playing on the floor and instead of watching your show you watch your child playing thinking god I love you, you have brought so much happiness to my life
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