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Win a Huggies Art Desk! 24th July 2013 Lock Rss

My highlight for year 2013 is obviously my 2nd baby, and this time is going to be a boy, so my family is now completed with a pegion pair! My other acheivement is obviously my Accountancy designation, I finally recived it before my 30th birthday- this was my career goal!!

So, 2013 has been a great year for me, in both family and career acheivements!
My highlight of 2013 is DH getting a job. He was made redundant early 2012 and finally after 14 months found a job. Such a big weight off our shoulders financially. grin

My highlight of 2013 is finding out that I am pregnant. It was such a shock and a surprise but we are so truly blessed to have this gift come into our lives this November.
My daughter learning how to brush her teeth by herself
The highlight to 2013 for me was on the 10th of March. It was an absolute scorcher 36 degrees! & I was having my first baby! A little boy who changed our whole world!

We named him Seth and he's now 4 months old. Every moment spent with him is amazing! grin
Having my mum move back home as am expecting first child I really wanted her with me for the birth and now I can have her with me whenever he comes also finding out Im going to be an aunty for the first time
my highlight is having my first child and realising that even at the age of forty I am able to experience new emotions. I am so grateful for the life my wife and son have given me.
So far the year has been amazing, but the highlight has got to be seeing my family again coming for my wedding in May and also finding out that I had gotten pregnant 2 months after my sister had her first little one!
My highlight would have to be when my 5 year old daughter started reading books! I used to read her books from when she was first born and the last few months, have really tried to get her to sound out the words and one day, we picked up a book and she started reading it! I was totally surprised and so pleased! Oh what an achievement! Now she wants to read all the time which is just great. I have a great love of reading and hopefully can pass on this love to my children.
Bubby stood up, clapped her hands, then proceeded to "wash" her hands 'with' the air! It was hilarious! She obviously associates the same clapping movement with washing her hands. Every time she does it, we love it and laugh so hard she starts a fake giggle back. Best times ever! smile
Having our 2nd little baby, a little brother for our older boy! When I was 32 weeks pregnant we found out by luck that he was going to be born with a Cleft Lip & thankfully when he was born it was very minor! He is just had it fixed and we have a completely different looking boy! It has only been 12 days post op & I really miss our little boys very cute lip!
Watching my husband pushing my son on the swing on a warm winters afternoon, while I sat with my big pregnant belly and feeling my life was perfect and complete.
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