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Win a Huggies Art Desk! 24th July 2013 Lock Rss

My highlight for 2013 so far has been my beautiful boy's first words of mama, dada, and up. It is incredible to hear your baby utter his first words...
My highlight was yesterday when my daughter said goodbye to another one of the children when we left kindy. She has slowly accepted and grown to love kindy, but she has hearing problems and her speech is behind her peers. We have to constantly ask and prompt to find out what she has done through the day, and yesterday was the first time she voluntarily talked about one of her friends and what they had done while playing.
My highlight this year is watching my son grow and learn new things. He is always doing something cute and funny
My highlight of 2013 so far has been watching my son pick up so many words and how to interact with other kids since joining daycare. He is my star I gaze apon everyday and watch him shine.
My highlight in 2013 was my first trip to india with my 15 month old daughter Krithikaa to visit her mother was extremely happy and excited to see krithikaa. i haven't seen my mother so happy in my life.
It has to be our trip to South Africa for a friends wedding with my husband and 6 month old daughter. She loved meeting all the different people and giggled like I'd never heard before. We were so nervous travelling with a baby, but she was an absolute angel the whole time.
Sleeping in on the weekend smile

Love my beebee boos

I would have to say that it was my daughter's first birthday to which that day she started walking. Amazing. And just last month it was my 7 year anniversary which we enjoyed a fantastic first family holiday down the coast. My partner gave my daughter's a box to give to me and I just so happened to be a very sparkly rock. And I can't wait for the next 6 months if this is how my year has been so far. smile.
My partner and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary earlier this year.
We aren't married, we have been engaged for years but what an amazing 10 years we have shared together.
I love the fact that we are still absolutely crazy about each other , we have been blessed with 2 gorgeous children. I'm just so in love with him...and i can't wait to see what our future holds smile
Mine would have to be finding out I was expecting after 6 years of trying, 3 years assisted, and one miscarriage. I was completing my diploma in law at the time, was very difficult doing complicated essays when all I felt like doing was sleeping! Finished the diploma with flying colours, can relax now and enjoy the next 15 weeks of waiting. My 16 year old dd is excited to be finally getting a sibling too!
My highlight would have to be having my first baby. Sharing this most amazing experience with my husband has brought us closer. I went from having fertility health issues which required me to have an operation to being told afterward I almost lost my uterus and that I would probably only conceive with IVF. I then went to feeling over the moon when I found out 2 years later that I was pregnant without having to use IVF and that my uterus had healed with no signs of scarring. This allowed me to give birth naturally. Giving birth was the most intense and wonderful occurrence I have ever had, it is completely unique for every individual and inexplicable to anyone who has not experienced it. I am a high school teacher and my waters broke at the upper school dinner dance. It was quite embarrassing to find out that all the students knew and that it was announced at the staff morning briefing! I think my husband has a new found respect for me after giving birth and we both delight in our new beautiful baby boy.
My highlight of 2013 would have to be the birth of my beautiful baby girl in June. We were already blessed with a gorgeous little boy who is almost 3 and proving to be a very helpful & loving big brother. Now with the addition of our daughter, our perfect little family is now complete. Life is great! smile
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