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I took 2 tests on the day of my eldest son's birthday. I kept it secret until the right time in which to deliver the awesome news to my husband. While the kids were playing on the playground I told him that 'I was pregnant'. His response was 'How did we manage that?' haha.. We were stoked to have our 1st girl! grin
With my DD and current pregnancy I took one. Then ended up going to the doctor to confirm with a blood test. With my first I felt really apprehensive and a bit shocked. With my second I felt much more excited smile
It took only one test at GP's and I was absolutely over the moon. We could not believe how lucky we were and more then mildly exicted.
With our darling daughter we took the 1 at home pregnancy test and then to confirm we went to the doctors. At the time my husband and i were under the impression that we could not have children, so finding out that we were was amazing/ scary/ unbelievable.
1 and i nearly feel over backwards and I still rembember calling DH to make sure he was not driving the truck at the time, last thing i wanted was him to drive it off the road in excitment so i sent him a picture of it and i still remember the picture of the smile on his face that he sent me back, i was scared as anything he could not wait to get back home and go to the GP

I took one then showed my DF then he got another two haha I was so excited and scared at the same time I started laughing and crying at the same time, I didn't really know how to react. He sat there shocked saying we're gonna have a baby over and over again smile
i took four pregnancy tests with my first and I was so emotional as it had taken 2 years that I cried, took a picture of the positive test and kept it in my drawer for 1 week!
With my first I took a total of four home pregnancy tests. I had a faint positive in the morning, then again in the afternoon. I did another two tests two days later just so I could see a more definite line smile of course then had the blood test at my GP.
With my second I only took one. The line was positive and showed up straight away and even managed to get an appt with my GP to confirm with a blood test that afternoon. I was so excited each time, I did a happy dance as soon as I saw the positive smile lol.
I took one test, as soon as it came up positive I was completely excited and went straight to my partner's work to tell him and show him the test, nothing could wipe the smile off his face
With my first I only did one test, but I already knew. I'd dreamt of him, of being handed the most beautiful little baby and I just knew I was pregnant. And this was besides the fact my period was several weeks late! The second and third times I did several tests each and I'd keep them and look at them every now and then, to make sure they still said 'pregnant' grin
I didn't actually find out via home pregnancy test. I had a blood test done at the doctors and they told me the results by phone. I was shocked and surprised I almost fainted then I started laughing with joy
I did 6 home tests and 1 at the doctors, took 18 months to conceive so didnt really believe the positive until i had tried multiple brands haha. Was very excited and releived it finally happened

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