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Win a Huggies Art Desk this week! Enter our Forum Quiz today! 14th August 2013 Lock Rss

I took two tests at home, the first one had two lines, one very faint so I was not too sure. About a week later I bought one of the digital tests that came up positive and said I was 2-3 weeks pregnant, I was really thrilled, I couldnt believe that it had happened so quick smile. Then I had to do another test at the Drs when I went for my fist visit, but I already knew I was pregnant so I was happy.
The first test was positive, I didn't belive it so I took a second test and it was positive so I made my husband take the 3rd one to make sure it wasn't a faulty box or anything and his was negative lol.
I took one test only at the GP office and she said I can be very certain when the line is so clear.
It was a relief to me as we were planning to have baby and if all my sickness is not due to the pregnancy, then something is really wrong with me. But it wasn't too emotion at that time, rather the GP is far more happy. It was really days later when I get to hold my little angel that I couldn't stop holding her in my arms.
I thought I had some sort of infection and the dr told me to pee in a cup. She ran some tests,and next day we were advised that I was pregnant. A few months earlier I had miscarried so this was the best news ever.
Did 3 in a week as it was our 5 th pregnancy and all other pregnancies had m/c

Was excited and scared as we were on a treatment to keep pregnancy viable she came at 26+ weeks she is now 6 mths corrected and doing awesome so blessed
I did three at home, it was the day after boxing day. I had my last cigarette for good waiting for the results of the first. The next two were just to make sure that we actually were pregnant (we'd been trying for nearly two years with four miscarriages each at roughly five weeks). Did the blood test at the GP and she tested for everything except the pregnancy hormone, so back to the drs we went for a second and third blood test to be certain. My husband and I were so excited and releived when this little one stuck around!! Now we have 3 weeks and 2 days till our due date!! grin

With my latest bub I took two. 1 was to test and the other because my husband didn't believe me and told me I had borrowed my pregnant friends test (ewww). I was in complete shock even though we had been trying for ages but then it turned to excitement.

Just the one, I was pretty confident it was right.
With my latest bub, just one. After trying for 6 months to get pregnant again after I spontaneously went into labour and delivered our son at 21+ 6 weeks, my partner and I holding him in our arms till he quietly passed away about half an hour after birth. I had given up on getting pregnant because we had tried so hard to. It was 2 days before my birthday and as my birthday present my partner had taken me to get booked in to get a tattoo. I had mentioned that i was late and should take a test as it would be just my luck that i was pregnant! So it was straight to the chemist and then home and it was positive!! The day we found out we were so shocked but we have never been so excited, nervous and scared all rolled into one. But the best birthday present ever!!!!
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14th August

This week we are asking you to cast your minds back to the time when you first found out you were pregnant. So tell us;

How many home pregnancy tests did you take to confirm your pregnancy? And briefly tell us how you felt at the time?

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I took one initially this time but i already had a feeling because of the tender boobs and vagueness! Earlier this year i had a miscarriage but ended up doing about 3 or 4 in a matter of weeks because i couldn't quite believe i was pregnant even though it was planned. I can see myself doing the same thing this time because of the worry of having another miscarriage.
I took two for my first pregnancy and three for my second. i was excited about both and nervous at the same time about coping but they're here now and were all doing just fine smile

olivia, due nov 2006

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