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Win a Huggies Art Desk this week! Enter our Forum Quiz today! 14th August 2013 Lock Rss

I peed on the stick and I was disappointed, but when my girlfriend peed on it and got a + I was really happy!
I took a couple as was still in shock as with both kids I was still on birth control.
Even though they were both unplanned they are a great gift smile
my baby boy is a an ivf mircle as i had seven miscarriage and one embroy left
i gave it my last chance and now i have a beautiful baby boy
Only one each time smile
With my first I just knew as we were planning him and my first sign was my tummy feeling tender when I put the seatbelt over. The test came back positive and it was the most exciting thing ever!

I never used a home pregnancy kit, after realising that i was 2 weeks late i visited the GP who confirmed that i was indeed pregnant.
HuggiesModerator wrote:
Win a fantastic Huggies Art Desk that your creative tot will love! All you need to do is answer our weekly question to WIN!

14th August

This week we are asking you to cast your minds back to the time when you first found out you were pregnant. So tell us;

How many home pregnancy tests did you take to confirm your pregnancy? And briefly tell us how you felt at the time?

By answering this Weekly Question in the Huggies Forum, you have the chance to win a Huggies Art Desk … and remember the judges are looking for the most creative response smile

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What do you need to do?
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2. Each week, the Huggies Moderators will post a few questions in the Fun & Games section
3. Post a reply to the weekly question for your chance to win.

For full details and terms and conditions of this promotion, just access the link.

Huggies Moderators smile
i have been doing ivf for the last 5 years and it just wasnt working then finaly we get the call it had worked at last we were so happy but just couldnt believe it we had waited so long we were very excited.I went home that night and did a test and yep i was i then did another one a week later.It was a long and expensive few years but was all worth it i give birth to a health baby boy in april this was the miracle we had been waiting for.
I took 3 in total. The only reason I even took the first one was because my husband to be told me he thought I should do a pregnancy test, as he had a feeling I may be pregnant. And sure enough after the first one there were the two lines and estimated 6+ weeks pregnant! I then did another just to confirm, and one more before I went to the Dr's just to definitely make sure.
I took 2 one normal then 1 digital, we had been trying for almost a year so I was so happy & surprised smile
I took 4 as i didn't believe the first one. I blamed my 2 cousins for swapping the positive one a negative one. My reaction to it was oh boy.
I took 2. The first one I didn't tell dh about. After the 2nd one came through as positive well I went into complete shock.

It was a complete miracle I was even pregnant. I couldn't fall naturally with my first child 14yrs before. Now I was 40 with a different dh & bam this happens.

The shock horror on my dh's face was a moment to remember. Now we are the proud parents of an almost 4 year old ds. I wub him so so much. smile

I took one test and it was a negative, I had always wanted to be a mum and was very disappointed and called my mum who told me to go to the doctors to confirm, when there, the doctor calculated my dates and said "you won't be pregnant" but reluctantly tested me anyway. Once checked he responded, "oh you are pregnant" it was a very weird way to get confirmation but I left the doctors on cloud nine!
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