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Win a Huggies Art Desk this week! Enter our Forum Quiz today! 14th August 2013 Lock Rss

After years of unsuccessful tries at getting pregnant we gave up, four or five months later I just felt the urge to take a test. I bought a three pack and took the first test but didnt wait for it, thinking it would no doubt be negative I chucked it in the bin and sulked back to bed. In the morning I thought what the heck I'll just have a look at the test again so I pulled it out of the bin and it was positive. I couldnt believe it, I took the other two tests that were also positive, still unbeleiving my sister and shot into town and got three different types of tests and they were all positive. So all up I took 9 tests plus another at the clinic a week later. 3 weeks after taking the tests I had scan and found out I was 7 weeks pregnant with twins.

With DS I took one test by myself. DH was at work and I was all alone at home. I ran around the house with the stick in the air, jumping up and down, looking at the test cause I just couldnt believe it and having a giggle to myself. After telling DH about it when he got home he made me take another test just to be sure.

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14th August

This week we are asking you to cast your minds back to the time when you first found out you were pregnant. So tell us;

How many home pregnancy tests did you take to confirm your pregnancy? And briefly tell us how you felt at the time?

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I was getting the injections every 3 months so I had no idea I was even pregnant for the first 3 months! I started feeling unwell every morning wich got worse everyday, I was having difficulty sleeping, the smell and look of food made me ill, I thought it was a tummy bug at first but it seemed 2 be getting worse not better. so I got 1 test and got a result almost instantly PREGNANT+3 I was in complete shock, I had not thought of being a mum for a long time yet! I sat there completely stunned for a few minutes before I told my partner who acted like it wasn't news to him. then I called my mum to tell her while I was crying from being happy, scared, excited, nervous all mixed in im the proudest, happiest mummy I could be smile
I was at work in my lunch break but couldn't wait to get home so took the test! I started shaking and crying and ran out and my neighbour was doing some business there. Grabbed her took her into an office n asked how many lines are there! She said 2 and I hugged her n cried. Poor thing is late 60s and didn't realise what she was looking at! Called my doctors and hubby and was doing another test with the GP within the hour.
Blood test the next morning!

After 2 years of trying we are finally going to have a bub! Yay!
I took one test and got a clear positive. Hubby was away on a work function for a couple of days. I suspected I was pregnant with number three, we had been trying for almost two years and had decided to stop two months earlier. I took the test in the morning and left it (sealed) on the bathroom bench for him to find when he came home! I'd even spoken to him during the day and not said anything. He was pretty happy when he found it!
I took 5 pregnancy tests all up. I took 3 the first time where 1 came back positive & the other 2 came back negative. Me not wanting to be pregnant & being slightly in denial I was happy with that outcome nd left things as they were lol. A couple weeks later & still no period I took another 2 where they both came back positive. I was shocked. First thing that came to mind was abortion but my partner was stoked and I eventually came round to the idea of being a Mum. There was no way I was going to get rid of my baby smile He's now 2 weeks & 1 day old & I absolutely love motherhood wub . wouldn't change a thing grin
I took 1 test. That was all I needed to confirm my suspicions due to being late. My sore boobs were also a bit of a hint, and my doc confirmed that the tests were 99.9% accurate, so I didnt need another confirmation until I had my first scan which did indeed show a little growing bean.
5. I had 4 negatives, and one positive. The negatives were after one missed period, the positive after two. The positive was instant.
I took at least 4 before I got the courage up to tell the hubby. We werent planning on this pregnancy, so was slightly shocked but also very happy.
Also had blood tests by the doctor to confirm it.
I did one test which was positive and ran out to tell my partner who nearly fell over with shock, he then said " Do another one just in case" so i went and did the second test which also came back positive... We both cried as it was a total shock.. We are now very excited and can't wait to meet our little bundle.


I only took the one test, my doctor was happy with that too. Although 2 weeks later I thought Id take another in case I was mistaken. Strangely enough that one was positive too. 11 Weeks now smile

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