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I did 5, the first 4 were faint positives so I went and bought a clear blue which said I was 5 weeks. I was in complete shock i couldn't speak so to tell my husband I showed him all 5 tests. I didn't believe I was pregnant till I saw the ultrasound.
none not sure that a pregnancy test would have told us much as i am the father, but i was super excited when i noticed UNEXPECTED changes in my wifes body n mind so really I was the pregnancy test for us as we found out from doc 1 week after i told my partner she is pregnant, and are now happy parents of our 3rd lil princess all 6 yrs apart smile best age difference for kids to be involved in younger siblings birth growing smile.
We took two. My period was late for only three days and I didn't feel anything strange, but since we were at holiday at the time and were planning to meet up with friends (was planning to drink a lot is what I'm trying to say haha), we thought a test wouldn't hurt and would give us peace of mind.

We got a faint positive for the first one, took the next one after a week (on Christmas Eve), and announced the pregnancy to our parents and siblings when the clock struck Christmas. grin

I took 3, two at home and one at work, I was so excited in the morning after i found out i was pregnant but i didn't believe the test so i went to buy another 2 tests on the way to work and tested one in the office and tested again after work at home.
i took 4
2 before my partner came home and didn't believe it
1 after my partner came home and decided it must be true
1 later that night and started to feel ecstatic about the situation
we also went to the doctor the next day to completely check that it was true as we only had a 2% chance of having a baby so it was a HUGE surprise and we weren't even trying!
Too many to count (the dipping ones)!! We were trying for three years and it was certainly a journey. Finding out I was pregnant was a JOY!! I danced with the dog till hubby came home. Smile smile smile all round!
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My husband and I had been trying for about eight years with no success.
November 2011 I was at a party and after a few wines didn't feel like drinking any more. I didn't think anything of it until about a week later when my husband came home after picking up his new two door Jeep and said "you are pregnant". I took a test which was negative. The next day I took another test and the two pink lines appeared straight away.
Having had a miscarriage eight months prior we were apprehensive, nervous, excited and a little bit scared however decided to take each obstetrician appointment as it went. Thankfully my pregnancy was fantastic and I loved every minute of it,
Our beautiful daughter is now 12 months old and we are so happy she has come into our lives.
I took three, each time the read was positive but was just so excited I had to do it again . .plus there was three tests in a pack lol. grin
We did 5 tests the first being just the cheap little strip and two lines came up, I held it out to my husband who in all honesty said "What does two lines mean?" I almost fell over laughing, was he serious??? We then did three more tests a few days apart all with the same result, positive. And then I splashed out on a digital test just to see how they worked. We were over the moon excited and terrified at the same time and now hubby finally knows what two lines are.
I did 3 tests, 1 for each month we tried. When I did the last test I was over the moon that it had worked I called my mum and told her. Then when my husband got home from work I showed him the test with a big smile on my face, he almost cried he was so happy.
As my hcg levels has been all out of whack due to a miscarriage 6 months earlier I didn't take a pregnancy test until three weeks after my period was due. Then I took another one just to make sure & both were strong positive! I was over the moon as I had been such a wreak a few months earlier when I had a blood test at the doctors & had hcg levels in the 3 week mark of pregnancy but it was just my levels playing up still. I took a photo of the positive tests & sent to my husband via text message!
Rosie Mumma wrote:
I took soooooo many! I'd had 4 early miscarriages in a row before getting the + that has turned into this little boy who should be arriving any day now.
I tested every day for probably 2 or 3 weeks to make sure the lines were still dark.

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