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Win a Huggies Art Desk this week! Enter our Forum Quiz today! 18th September Lock Rss

Win a fantastic Huggies Art Desk that your creative tot will love! All you need to do is answer our weekly question to WIN!

18th September

This week we’d love to hear your top healthy living tips. So;

Tell us one thing, that you do every week, to keep yourself fit and healthy?

By answering this Weekly Question in the Huggies Forum, you have the chance to win a Huggies Art Desk … and remember the judges are looking for the most creative response smile

We will select 1 winning entry every week.

What do you need to do?
1. You will need to join the Huggies Club or sign in if you are already a member.
2. Each week, the Huggies Moderators will post a few questions in the Fun & Games section
3. Post a reply to the weekly question for your chance to win.

For full details and terms and conditions of this promotion, just access the link.

Huggies Moderators smile

Mine is an 'every day' thing. I have just moved house (OK, 6 months ago now) and now have a lemon tree. I have a fridge full of ripe lemons so am now every day drinking 2L of lemon infused water!
Until I made this point of drinking a specified amount of water I had no idea just how little water I actually drank.

I get out of bed....! Lol
Everything. my whole life revolves around showing my girls a good example about being fit and healthy. its very important to me.
but to add a little excitment, once a week (or so) we go up to a public farm and help out with the animals.. my toddler loves it!
Boxing on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights, keeps me fit and gives me an hour workout away from home with friends. I love it!! such a fun way to loose weight, meet new people, have fun and de-stress all in one!!
I work full time, so for a really long time I blamed my lack of exercise on not having time to do it. I've since turned my lunch breaks into exercise breaks and make sure I get out for a 45 minute walk/job each day. It doesn't impact on anything else - i still leave home at the same time and get home to spend quality time with DS at the same time! We recently moved opposite a park, so DS, the dog and I head over there most afternoons for a bit of a play too so everyone gets some exercise in smile I know you asked for one thing and I obviously cant count haha

My signatures wont work.. wahhhh!

I'm 32weeks pregnant and still attempt at walking (more like waddling) my mum's little dog around the block everyday which is a climb up a hill halfway around
I keep fit and healthy by having to display healthy eating habits in front of my three children AND exercising in the form of constantly walking and bending and jumping and rolling and tumbling and running and jogging and sprinting and on and on all day all in the name of 'motherhood' and entertaining my little brood all whilst trying to maintain some sembelance of order in our household.
Exercise with my girlfriends and their bubs. We do a one hour circuit of cardio and resistance exercises 1-2 times per week. The kids often join in but that just makes it more fun! I also love to put bub in the pram, grab the dogs and go for a nice long walk on those sunny days.
Dancing and singing around the house with my 19month old daughter!! We both love it and have a good laugh together smile
have atleast one decent laugh, one decent cry and then some bedroom rompus time with my partner! atleast once a week! =)
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