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I take kids to the playground and run around with them
I love jumping on the tramp with the kids it's great for fitness and for fun with the added bonus of being able to check out the neighbour's newly landscaped backyards in our estate. Don't judge it's called neighbourhood watch okay? grin

Well mine is more to do with being fit & healthy emotionally, sometimes with a toddler & baby I am just exhausted at days end and cant see much fun in anything, so at least once a week my wonderful husband takes the kids outside, and gives me some "me" time to recuperate and find my mummy mojo again smile
I meditate like the Dalai Lama
Seeking calm and good karma.
Then jog to the park without any fears -
And hopefully some weight disappears!
Taking my almost 3 year old & 9 month old in the double decker pram for long walks. This sounds normal but sometimes i realise too late that i have a flat tyre and my DS leans to one side of his toddler seat making the whole pram lean making me put pressure on the other side to compensate. Then my DS wants to walk which makes it easier for me to steer pram but he asks me to hold him which isn't possible when trying to steer pram. Then dd cries for a hold. And sometimes DS falls asleep but because the toddler seat is upright he falls to one side which tips the pram to one side again. So it's a great adventure just to go for a to exercise somehow lol
I have been trying to improve my health and fitness to set a better example for my children now by regularly getting them outside to play in the fresh air while I'm also outside watching and interacting with them AND doing stretching and other exercises. This has proved to be a fun time for all of us and they often join in and show me some new moves!!
I have just started putting DD on the back of my bicycle in a baby seat....super cute and she loves it.
Oh, and dancing around the house to Disney CDs is good exercise too! (when daddy isn't watching!)
We have always taught our children the importance of eating healthy foods and regular exercise in their life, so we try to practice what we preach and do lots of outdoor play every weekend as a family. We have plenty of laughs and lots of fun!!
Try to get out for a walk when I can put bubs in the pram and head towards town
I play indoor beach volleyball with my cousins once a week in the evening. It's not only good for my health physically, but also mentally as you're joining in a team environment, working together. I always look forward to it!
I am a painter/decorator so my job is already quite physical, but in any down time in my job where I am just standing in one place I do repetitive butt clenches (when there are no other tradesman watching) to help my butt from getting too big smile, also love walking the dog at the local beach most nights, we have a huge steep dune half way down the beach and if I'm feeling up to it I try running up and down it a couple of times, I am currently pregnant so has been a while since iv done that
I get my daughter to help me around the house then as her reward we walk to our local park
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