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Play with my children every day, and dance to the wiggles with my 6 month old son he loves it. smile
Allowing my boy to ride his scooter, playing soccer with my boy and jumping on the trampoline everyday. Fun, fit and healthy:)
Playing The Wiggles really loud, dancing and singing with my twin girls and doing different child-friendly exercises (which the girls call their ballerina moves). They have a ball and are burning energy, which they have more then enough of. They then sit down to a morning tea of fruit which they cannot get enough off.
Now just to get daddy in on our 'ballerina moves' and it will be a real family affair.. smile
Every weekend my girls and I turn foxtel onto the music channel and dance and sing while we do the housework. It keeps me moving, keeps the girls happy, and gets the house cleaned!
We stay fit and healthy by using our children as exercise equipment. Until recently (I'm 17 weeks pregnant), my two daughters would sit on my tummy while I did pelvic lifts, and they still sit on Daddy's back while he does push ups. We also dance like loons everyday.
Everyday I ensure we have a big bowl of veggies. My kids fight over the veggies now so I have to bring them out after the rest of dinner is consumed! I'm very lucky to have two girls that love to eat well with us.
After l take my 13 yr old to school my 2 yr old and l take a walk along the beach then have a play at the park before heading home for morning tea grin
I put bubs in his pram and we go for a walk pretty much every day...if the weather's not great...the Zumba DVD goes in and I make a fool of myself being uncoordinated!
Gardening! Good health begins with good food, and nothing beats growing your own organic veg. Each year a new raised bed goes in (lots of shovelling!!!) and adds to the bounty from the previous year. Each week involves weeding, watering, planting, pruning, harvesting and bug catching!
Well every afternoon my 3 littlies and I all go to Grandmas and Grandads farm to help feed all the animals (lots of walking) then we come home and water our vegie garden and ride our scooters and bikes around..
I do pilates in the lounge room when it's on TV at 9am on TV4ME. It's great because my 18 month old son does some of his yoga moves while I'm doing pilates!!
I collect all the bread in the fridge each week and my 2 yo twin girls and I go for a stroll down to the lakeside and feed the ducks, it is fantastic way to be outdoors and be close to nature. I keep a few fresh slices for the girls to eat'n'feed while I throw the older bread away to attract more ducks/seagulls/swans. Sometimes, some really big bream will swim up to eat the bread, which is really exciting for the girls!
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