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Win a Huggies Art Desk this week! Enter our Forum Quiz today! 18th September Lock Rss

I have just started drinking 2 litres of mint green tea every day, we have also just got our treadmill working again so I will be going for a walk every day from now on!
I do Zumba at home on my xbox at least three times a week and I go walking with a friend
I pop my 3 month old in the baby bjorn and we dance together to all sorts of music! We both have a great time and I stay fit!!
Running around after my miss who is nearly two is well and truely keeping me fit, any extra work out diffinately not needed smile A healthy life styles main ingredient is happiness. Why add extra stress and time consuming activities to your life when all you have to do is make sure you're happy (and healthy) within yourself.
Supermummy wrote:
unique1 wrote:
Okay no laughing but jumping on the trampoline with the kids tongue nothing quite like seeing a grown woman being a big kid with her kids lol ahh but who cares when the kids love mummy playing sillies with them grin

Youre more game than me Unique, Id pee myself if I tried to jump on the trampoline!!! Lol.

As for what I do, DH and I play sports at least once a week, currently its Soccer, we also used to do indoor netball and as soon as I can manage to get a team together then I plan to restart netball again aswell. If neither of those are on then we try to have a game of squash with the 2 of us....

I have also started swimming while DD has her swimming lessons (didnt use to work as DS was with me but now he is at daycare during her lesson time). I do 1km while she has her half hour lesson. Yesterday I managed to get my time down to finishing 5 mins before her lesson finished! Pretty good after working 50 hours in 4 days and only getting 4 hours sleep following a night shift! smile

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