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Here are 25 facts about my self I will share. All for fun come join in.

1. My middle name is Anne
2. I currently have bright red hair
3. I prefer old school music over today's commercial stuff
4. I gave birth to my son when I was only 17
5. I have lived out of home since 14
6. I'm a very independent woman
7. My favourite colour is purple
8. I drive a 2012 suzuki swift glx and it's black
9. I have always worked loved doing traffic control good $
10. I live on farm land
11. My pet dog is an american bulldog named spud
12. I don't have facebook but I have instagram
13. I love camping
14. I like to get my nails done
15. I have a freckle on my pinky finger
16. My favourite story book growing up was the far away tree
17. I love motorbike riding
18. I'm currently working on a project "change table" sanding painting all for my bub
19. I'm a very creative person
20. I have kept all my sons first shoes smile lol
21. I love old Holden's currently have a VL and doing it up
22. I'm knitting a blanket for my bubs
23. I have 5 tattoos and finishing my sleeve when bubs is born
24. I am a cancerian starsign
25. I'm a proud mother and very happy with were I am in my life

These are 25 facts about me smile
It's quite a big task but was fun

1- Everyone thinks I'm a lot older then I really am
2- I don't like alcohol
3- I'm a country girl at heart but live in what I consider the city at the moment
4- I enjoy watching cartoons
5- When I was a baby I was bitten on the face by a German Shepard but
6- I love dogs, really really love them
7- I don't really like cats, they seem needy and shed hair everywhere
8- I got married at 20
9- I had my first child at 21
10- I hate bananas, they stink and are gross
11- I love to bake
12- I'm not a very good housekeeper
13- I LOVE Christmas
14- I left facebook for a year because someone bet I wouldn't be able to survive
15- I have to sleep with a sheet on even when it's boiling hot
16- I can't seem to keep a mobile phone alive and working properly for more then a year
17- I hate odd numbers
18- I love winter
19- I google things multiple times a day
20- I'm a childcare worker but won't put my kids in childcare
21- I'm super flexible
22- I love vegies but there are some things I won't put vegies in (apricot chicken, butter chicken, pizza)
23- I have IBS and it sucks
24- We have 6 chooks and they are friendly as but they still freak me out when they try and peck me
25- It's really hard to come up with 25 random facts about yourself

Forever, for always and no matter what

This is gonna be hard....

1. My fave colour is blue
2. At age 13 I had lived in 13 houses
3. I have 1 full sibling and 2 half siblings
4. I have been with DH for 8 years.
5. I used to collect dog stuff
6. I am really looking forward to the Final Fantasy X remake
7. I'm a Christian
8. I like to read
9. My fave author is Diana Gabaldon
10. When I was little I wanted to be a lawyer
11. I like to watch Mythbusters
12. I have two cats
13. I can't stand peas
14. I know my NHI off by heart
15. I really like strawberries
16. I went in an aeroplane by myself as a child
17. At the moment my toe-nails are purple
18. I don't wear makeup
19. I really like my jeans
20. I am having trouble coming up with more things
21. I have never broken a bone
22. I have one filling
23. I think cartoons these days are stupid
24. I cried during the Rugrats movie
25. I have never seen the movie Forrest Gump

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

Ok 25 facts about ME:

1: I'm not very confident with myself
2: I'm very shy, until you get to know me
3: I hate drinking water
4: When i dish up a meal for myself the food cant touch each other on the plate
5: I love painting my nails
6: I'm artistic
7: Love reading and writing
8: I'm a country girl
9: Love wearing pretty dresses and heels
10: I dye my hair all the time
11: I'm terrified of moths and spiders
12: Favorite movie of all time would have to be Anne Of Green Gables
13: I'm partial to watching Horror movies
14: I dislike my next door neighbors
15: I'm a cat person
16: I eat alot of pasta
17: To get me swimming it has to be like 40*
18: I'm afraid of heights
19: Never been to the snow
20: Never been to the beach
21: I have a obsession with collecting the Lalaloopsy dolls for my daughter
22: I love baking and decoration cakes and any sweets
23: I love driving some days i'll just get in my car and go for a drive
24: Sometimes i really hate technology
25: I love listening to old school music
1) i have short chocolate brown wavey/slightly curly hair
2) i have a beautykiss on my belly thats been there since birth
3) ive been skydiving and loved it
4) i love a good book and a snuggly spot in the sunshine to read it
5) i like op shopping
6) i hate clutter, mess, un-organizedness
7) I like rocking out to beats when im home alone or with the kiddies
8) at 17 i trained as a long distance runner
9) i have 2 e's in my name
10) i can touch my nose with my tongue
11) i started playing the piano at 4 yrs of age
12) ppl always assume im a teenager but im 31
13) i hated chocolate as a child (still dont like easter egg chocolate but everything else im good with now)
14) i was a child model LMAO and did it again in my early 20's
15) i have no pets atm my baby passed away in 2010 i had her for 18 yrs (shiztue)
16) i dont drive
17) im deathly affraid of birds (as most of you know)
18) I dislike most of my extended family
20) i have had my tongue pierced (its out now) and have 3 tatts
21) i can do a pretty good imitation of Axel Rose
22) i dont use facebook, twitter or instagram
23) i dont eat pork but will eat bacon (i know strange)
24) ppl tend to use me alot due to low self-esteem i guess
25) i hate cutting my kids nails

So many interesting facts about everyone it's so great that we are all individuals smile and unique in our own little ways wink great read ladies

25! Ok here we go-

1. I am a girly-girl
2. I have a very famous surname
3. I am not an animal person. At all.
4. I love to shop. To the point that I think it may an addiction sometimes
5. I did magazine modelling work in my 20s
6. I used to own 22 pairs of havaianas thongs
7. I am anal with cleanliness and tidiness
8. I like even numbers
9. I don't drink alcohol
10. I have a chocolate milk every morning
11. I love big brother (shameful)
12. Certain songs and music make me cry
13. I suffered panic attacks as a child
14. There is always chocolate in my house
15. I love 90s alternative music like pearl jam, nirvana, stone temple pilots, korn
16. I hate flying in aeroplanes
17. I love AFL and barrick for Geelong
18. I lived in QLD for 5 years
19. my toenails are always painted
20. I feel guilty sometimes for having one child of each gender
21. I would never live somewhere that wasn't close to a shopping center
22. I have a very close, loving family
23. I always wonder what other people think of me
24. I have never had an energy drink eg- V, red bull etc
25. I believe in God

Hmmm, this could be tricky

1. I'm a shortie (157cm)
2. I have hazel eyes
3. Live near the beach but I Don't like sand or swimming in the ocean
4. I do love walking by the beach and the sound of the ocean
5. I teach kindy (year before school in qld)
6. I was very very shy as a kid
7. Since having kids I have become a lot more assertive
8. Since being pregnant I swear my bladder is still tiny and my body temp is still too hot
9. I was born in Zimbabwe (country next to South Africa)
10. My family are now all in Australia or the UK
11. I love coffee
12. I love chocolate
13. I love wine
14. Nothing better than a lovely dinner out with the above 3 facts smile
15. I have travelled a lot. Mostly overseas
16. I only got my license when pregnant with DS
17. DH and I are contemplating buying a big acreage block
18. I am not religious yet....
19. I send my children to a Catholic school
20. I am very indecisive
21. My hair is dark blonde, I usually did it a more golden shade
22. I used to be very artistic, am trying to get back into it
23. Love rom- coms and thrillers
24. Love reading. Wish I had more time
25. I did it!!! It's hard to talk about yourself for so long ...


Mr J (April 2005) Miss Z (Feb 2007) and Miss O (Oct 2010)

1. l'm the middle of three kids
2. l'm a dog person
3. l hate cats
4. Favourite colour is blue
5. l have beautifully low Vitamin D and my bone density is a similar level to my 63 yo mum sad
6. l love my job
7. l do not like my middle name
8. l have only got called by my official first name by my mum when in trouble since the age of 4
9. Favourite 'me time' is a coffee at the lake
10. l'm 1/2 Dutch, with a stubborn streak to go with it smile
11. l don't eat pizza crusts - they are a waste of stomach space!!!
12. l barrack for Geelong in the AFL
13. My pop played for Geelong in the late 1940's
14. l would love to have my nanna's sense of humour when l am her age
15. l wasn't good at school until grade 5, when the teacher realised l had a competitive streak
16. DH and l found out DS2's gender, but no one knows IRL that we knew smile
17. l love chocolate, any chocolate, doesn't matter as long as the package says chocolate somewhere
18. l love making my kids birthday cakes
19. DH and l made it to 10 years marriage this month - an amazing feat for us!!!
20. l am a gemini
21. l went to NZ when in year 10 to play a Trans-Atlantic netball competition
22. l only wear make up at weddings
23. l enjoy watching medical shows and wished l was a paramedic in another life
24. l would love to go to dance lessons
25. l get along with all my family and family-in-laws. Seems a rare treat when talking to others smile

1. I'm the eldest child in my family, and eldest cousin.
2. I've lived in 12 houses.
3. I have a horrible fear of spiders.
4. I don't like animals...especially dogs.
5. I go out every Tues with my friends.
6. My 3 close friends are all friends from high school - I've known 2 of them for almost 20yrs!
7. I used to wish I was dead (when I was 17/18), but couldn't bring myself to do it as I was worried how my baby sister would take it (7yrs younger than me).
8. I'm not a fan of the beach.
9. I LOVE hot weather, and by hot I mean temps over 35.
10. I've never been very girly...but I do try.
11. I hate camping.
12. I miss my late grandad very much, and crave one of his hugs.
13. I wish I was more creative.
14. I hate that my husband is a chef, and wish I could have talked him out of doing his apprenticeship.
15. I feel so horrible about number 14.
16. I really, really want to meet a certain someone from here...would love to escape to Canberra one day.
17. I daydream about running away from home.
18. I always wanted to be a mum, and have never known what else I want to do.
19. I have 2 sisters and one brother.
20. I'd love to not have to see my inlaws ever again.
21. I love to read.
22. I'm not a fan of flowers inside.
23. I love taking photos.
24. I believe in ghosts.
25. I can be a fantastic procrastinator!

Wow - that was harder than I thought it would be!
unique1 wrote:
The Infamous T wrote:
Am I the only one that didn't find it very hard? I could do it again with all different answers lol I found it hard but now I have done mine I have thought of others tongue

+1 i could think of a few more now

I don't normally respond to these threads, but I'm intrigued if I can come up with 25 points...
1. I am 59kgs lighter now than I was 6 years ago.
2. I have a cat with dementia, but I love him anyway
3. When I first met my DH I didn't fancy him, but a few months later he shaved his head and then I thought he was hot.
4. I didn't find out until I was in my teens that my 'mum' is in fact my aunty, and my siblings are my cousins.
5. I was born in Denmark
6. I have also lived in England and Ireland as well as Australia.
7. I didn't go back to Denmark for 7 years in my early 20's to escape compulsory conscription into the Danish army
8. I have a masters degree that I have never used
9. I never thought I would have kids, and I wasn't maternal until I fell pregnant by accident at 35
10. I was married at 21, but my DH was a violent alco, and I was a divorcee by 23
11. I now live in the same street as I grew up on in Tasmania from 5 years old
12. I'm an early riser
13. I do yoga everyday and a bit of a closet old hippie
14. I love going to work a couple of days a week to escape my children and to have an adult conversation
15. My DD's are both the spitting image of me
16. I constantly question my ability to parent, even though I have two healthy, happy, intelligent little girls
17. I feel guilty that I couldn't give my DH a son
18. I have a boat licence.
19. I have always known I'm quirky. But now question whether or not I'm on the spectrum
20. My IQ is considered to be above a genius level
21. I never remember dreams, but sometimes wake up thinking in Danish,so I must dream in that language even though I rarely speak it these days.
22. I was raised in a slightly 'out there' religion, but I no longer participate in the church at all
23. I have hypermobile hips and can walk withy feet pointing backwards
24. I am saving up to get laser surgery on my eyes bacause I am sick of wearing glasses
25. I want another child, but have been told it's too risky to attempt another pregnancy.

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