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1) he has hazel eyes
2) light brown hair with blonde highlights
3) he loves fruit but hates that its sticky
4) he loves TMNT and can sing the theme song to every different series
5) he does martial arts
6) he plays soccor
7) starts school next year
8) he can write really well for a 4 year old
9) he is very sweet natured
10) he knows all about white and red blood cells
11) he loves the water and water animals
12) his fav animal is a pig nose turtle
13) he can write and speak some Italian words
12) he hates going to bed and will fight it but drops to sleep as soon as his head hits the pillow
13) he knows how to work his dad to get a pressie when out shopping
14) he forgets to go to the toilet and sometimes has an accident
15) he loves books and has an extensive vocab ppl are always shocked at the way he talks its almost hard to remember he is only 4

1) she has very little hair and its light brown almost blonde
2) her eyes are predominately grey but when she is angry they go green and when she is really happy they go blue
3) she can say dada, mama, her brothers name and tata
4) she has 2 teeth and one about to errupt
5) she loves food, all food
6) she can crawl and is into everything
7) she is tall and chubby smile
8) she loves toy cars, balls and anything thats her brothers
9) she is a daddys girl
10) she is not a cuddly baby as she is too busy doing other things and on the move constantly
11) she has a wicked laugh
12) she was born with a very tight Torticollis and her foot was flush to her leg (lots of physio)
13) she hates frilly girly clothes and tries to take them off lol
14) she is very cute and her lil face can melt your heart
15) she has big lips very pouty


1- She is ambidextrous
2- She is very intelligent
3- loves to sing All-the-time
4- loves to dance while singing all-the-time
5- is obsessed with Katy Perry's roar
6- Will only wear nighties to bed
7- Loves to write and will constantly ask me how to spell things
8- Her favourite food is cucumber
9- Always has to wear dresses or skirts
10- Loves to watch wildlife docos over any cartoon
11- Loves animals especially our dog and chooks and always talks about what animals she will have when she's grown up
12- She is still in a 5 point harness in her carseat despite being almost 5
13- She almost died while I was in labour
14- She's slept through the night since 6 weeks of age
15- Her favourite things to play with are her stuffed animals. Tassie devil, spotted quoll, kangaroo, koala, possum, platypus etc

1- She likes to get her own way
2- Has a memory like an elephant
3- She never ever stops asking for food
4- Will only wear nighties to bed
5- Always forgets to put undies on when she dresses herself
6- Loves to do cooking
7- Loves to watch 'Old Tom' all day everyday if I let her
8- Her favourite food is also cucumber
9- She doesn't like cake
10- One of her favourite things to do is play with her dolls
11- She often gets up to mischief and blames her sister even if I catch her in the act
12- Pretends to be shy around new people but really isn't
13- Always wants to play in the paddling pool but won't go under a sprinkler
14- Won't eat dinner
15- Wake up at 5am without fail

Forever, for always and no matter what

1: Her nickname is Joey
2: She has curly hair
3: She's very tall
4: She always chooses to wear a Burks Backyard hat grandpa got for her
5: She eats all the time and eats anything
6: She had a Brain Bleed when she was born
7: Shes shy just like her mummy
8: She loves sleeping
9: Always wanting to brush her teeth, i think she loves the feeling of it
10: Very stubborn child she is
11: Doesn't talk a lot
12: Every night even if it's stinking hot she has to have something pulled up over her
13: She twirls her hair ( its so cute)
14: She cant stand having fluff or anything in between her toes
15: When she's having a bath i have to wash her feet first before anything else.
1. I have a little blondie, a daughter with beautiful redbrown hair, and a brown haired boy (used to be blonde)
2. DS and DD1 are both very artistic, DD2 not sure yet
3. both girls loooooove to sing and dance- life is one big long performance at our house
4. DS is great at sports, thankfully he inherited that from his dad, not me tongue
5. DD2 still appears in our bed every night (she is 3)
6. I am worried that DS will have issues with anxiety, looking at ways to work though that with him
7. they all have different eye colours too- blue, brown and hazel
8. despite the different colourings, they all look enough alike that you know they are siblings.
9. DD2 is hilarious, she has figured out how to work the crowd
10. DD1 has been hoarding craft materials all year, she wants to run art classes next year for her friends, like mr maker
11. DD1 her favourite food is pasta
12. DD2 her favourite food is pasta
13. DS his favourite food is pizza
14. DD2 is very bossy, DD1 loves to argue ... (fabulous combination ..... wink )
15. DS is an awesome big brother, he always knows how to cheer either girl up when they are upset, he is better at it than me sometimes.


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