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Win a Huggies Art Desk this week! Enter our Forum Quiz today! 22nd January 2014 Lock Rss

Win a fantastic Huggies Art Desk that your creative tot will love! All you need to do is answer our weekly question to WIN!

22nd January

What are the top 3 tips you received about being pregnant?

By answering this Weekly Question in the Huggies Forum, you have the chance to win a Huggies Art Desk … and remember the judges are looking for the most creative response smile
We will select 1 winning entry every week.

What do you need to do?
1. You will need to join the Huggies Club or sign in if you are already a member.
2. Each week, the Huggies Moderators will post a few questions in the Fun & Games section
3. Post a reply to the weekly question for your chance to win.

For full details and terms and conditions of this promotion, just access the link.

Huggies Moderators smile
1. Accept offers of help.
2. Only listen to advice you want, politely ignore the rest.
3. Enjoy it!
1. Relax and enjoy it - is over quicker than you expect!
2. Drink all that water, it really helps
3. Get regular pregnancy massages, make the time cause you won't have time after!
1. Eat healthy vegetables but not too much fruit.
2. To reduce stress have a massage, go for a walk and have a bath.
3. Remember to try and put your feet up and rest when possible.
1. Morning sickness does not necessarily happen in the morning.
2. Importance of having folate in your diet & taking a daily pregnancy vitamin suppliment.
3. Daily application of Vitamin E body butter is great for avoiding stretch marks. You don't necessarily just get stretch marks on your belly (don't forget about applying cream to your thighs & breasts).
1. Make the most of lie ins and deep sleeps, they'll be a rare occurrence in the future.
2. Avoid sickly people (and areas like public transport in winter), there's nothing worse than getting flu or sick when you're pregnant.
3. Calm down on the cakes, you're not really eating for 2 adults!
1. Remember to get lots of loving from my hubby!!! wink wink
2. Radiate how you feel...I enjoyed being pregnant and felt womanly and sexy!
3. Enjoy sleep while you can as you will soon have a new sound system!
1. exercise regularly eg. swimming
2. if you have older bubs, nap when they do
3. put your feet up and relax while others who have offered to help out clean.
1. Do everything that you enjoy doing on your own as much as possible, it will be a while before you have time to see films, have massages etc
2. Plan what TV shows you want to watch on DVD, so you're not stuck with late night infomercials when feeding
3. Don't worry about planning anything in advance for the baby (in terms of routines etc) just wait to meet your little one and get to know them and then find what works for you
1. Sleep now
2. Sleep more now
3. Enjoy the peace & quite while you can
1. Every pregnancy is different, don't let others experiences scare you
2. Treat yourself to a relaxing bath at least once a week
3. Go for walks everyday, keep yourself fit and time in labour will be shorter
1. plenty of rest,don't over do things.
2.DON'T STRESS over everything ( hard to do though haha)
3.let people help
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