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If you were a CELEBRITY!!! :) Lock Rss

Here is a game... It is late and i am Bored...

If you were a CELEBRITY and wanted your child to have a totally different name to any child in the world, what would it be...

This is how you name him or her....

First name - (the first thing that comes to your head) Mine was Chocolate... (mmm)
Middle name - Brand of your car and Colour.... Mine is HoldenUte Yellow

Chocolate Holden Yellow is my next (make believe) sons name
What is the MOST outragous name you can think of?? (since your a CELEBRITY NOW....) wink

Sorry for being Stupid i am just bored and cant sleep... !!! sad

hahahah thats fantastic!!!!!

ok let me think..... my next child will be named:


hahahahha tongue

since im a celeb and all, that fits perfectly

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

Food Toyota Coralla
neighbours holden astra (i'm watching neighbours at the moment!), but if it was food, bub would be hot chips holden astra!!
[Edited on 04/05/2007]
i made i mistake.

Food Toyota Silver
Tim Tam Pajero Black

banana astra maroon
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