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Whats your next babies name going to be ? Lock Rss

Boy: James
Girl: Sophie

8 month old

Boy: Rhys
Girl: Molly or Imogen

Michelle,NSW, Isabella 26/10/04, Charli 12/3/07

Boy: Maison

Girl: Victoria

NTH, QLD, Cooper,25/11/04

What do u all think?

Imogen is pretty cool. Maison is different for a boy.

8 month old

hi all.

i love imogen. have recently seen this name spelled "imagin" - thought that was pretty cool... like 'imagine'.
i also really like molly. (but then i was a big fan of "a country practice"! :} ).
maison is very unusual. is that pron. "may-zon" or "may-son"???
james & rhys are nice boys names and sophie & victoria are very pretty for a girl.

my names...

boy: undecided, but both dh & i like "jesiah" ...jyls would def be the middle name though (pron. 'giles' - jye-ls)
girl: indigo-rose or eylandt jayd (pron. 'island').

of course this is all just fantasy at this point in time. i would love at least one more, but hubby wants to stop at 3. :'(
i love talking names!


3 boy bundles of joy under 6, qld

Boy would definately be makelin(wanted to call my son this but decided on layeln in the end.

Girl would be Matika, or something else along the unusual line love different names.

Are they spelt differently for any special reason, ie, Welsh, Gailic, etc, or just because you like them like that?

Dette, DS 06.03, DS 10.04, DD 03.06 & Due Sept 07!

hi dette!

yeah, just spelt differently because we like them like that. i LOVE unusual names & unusual spellings.

just liked that particular spelling of "jade/jayd". actually like "jaydh" but as you'll see below, needed to cut it back to 4 letters.

"jyls" will be spelt that way because all of our boys have 4-letter-"J" middle names: jake, josh, joel. we found it hard to come up with any more so worked on that one early! we both like "giles" (as in from buffy) so just changed the spelling to suit the tradition we've created.

"eylandt" is spelt that way coz a friend i used to work with went to live up on an island off the coast of NT in an aboriginal community. when she came back for a holiday, she showed us some photos and in one of them was a sign that said ".... eylandt" (can't remember what the name of the island was). i assume it's the aboriginal spelling, but as soon as i saw it i thought it was sooo pretty and dh liked it as well. both our girls names have carried through with all of our pregnancies.

our boys are:
d'artagnan jake (pron. "dar-tan-yan"-trad. spell., though)
zakariah josh (fairly trad. spell.-replaced the usual "ch" with the "k")
szajann joel (pron. "say-jan". trad. spell. 'sagen')

thanks for asking! smile

3 boy bundles of joy under 6, qld

p.s. i keep meaning to ask you twinkletoes...
would "makelin" be pronounced "make-lin" or "mack-lin"? (or something different entirely!).


3 boy bundles of joy under 6, qld


Wow! You sure are making it hard for us poor teachers!! I think it's nice for kids to have names that aren't common as muck (personal opinion and no offense meant for those who like traditional or often used names!) I work in a school that has mainly Indian/ Sri Lankan students and i can tell you it sometimes take a couple of months to get the pronunciation and spelling correct! I often have to stop and think before calling the roll.

I'm also a huge Buffy fan and love Giles! My boys are Alexander (always called Xander unless he's in trouble!!) and Marshall (Eminem's real name). We gave Xander the full name in case he wants to use it later in life, Alexander gives you so many options to choose from. Marshall, well...we just liked that one!!

I've found that even with unusual names, once they appear in the paper they seem to spread like wild-fire! People jump on the band-wagon very quickly when a name strikes something in them. You never know, maybe your son will end up in a grade with one or two other d'artagnan's!!


Dette, DS 06.03, DS 10.04, DD 03.06 & Due Sept 07!


What are the other names from the Three Musketeers? You've got 3 boys...would have been beautiful, and another excuse for them to stay close and look after each other!

Dette, DS 06.03, DS 10.04, DD 03.06 & Due Sept 07!

hi again dette!

d'artagnan was actually the FOURTH musketeer. he was the boy that joined them later on.
the 3 musketeers names are: athos, porthos & arimus. i didn't used to like any of these although as the yrs have worn on, they have grown on me. (i've had to say them quite a few times as ppl are always asking what the names of the other 3 were! smile ).
i really couldn't have done that to my boys, though. ...although maybe then hubby would realize we needed to have 1 more! wink
i'm sorry to all the teachers about the unusual names & spellings, but i'm afraid they weren't on my list of concerns when choosing names! (mind you we now have quite a few teachers/teachers aids in the family!). everyone has always said d'artagnan would have the most trouble learning to write his name (esp with the apostrophe), but he is now in grade one & is mastering it beautifully! he doesn't quite understand the concept of apostrophes, but knows that he has one and where it belongs in his name. we actually fiddled with the spelling of his name originally, but then decided since it was SUCH an unusual name that we'd give him the traditional spelling! ...most ppl still don't know how to spell it, but oh well!
i actually think szajann is going to have the most trouble, but really once he learns the "sz" it's pretty straight-forward from there.
i have actually heard of a few (2 or 3) "d'artagnan's" since naming him, but none in our local area.

i love the name "xander", but i'm afraid, not really a fan of alexander or alex myself. "xander" has actually made it to our lists of names!

thanks again for the questions!

3 boy bundles of joy under 6, qld

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