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Whats your next babies name going to be ? Lock Rss

hii fluttah-bye

girl krystal thats my girls name
boy jackson

katrina and krystal 3 in june


It's amazing how things work out isn't it?!? Luckily one of our Michelles is pretty high up in her lawcfirm so she kept her maiden name, so we are always referring to them as Michelle D or Michelle M!! Thought we'd grown out of that when we left school but it's the only way to avoid confussion.

The Rebekah/Rebecca's aren't so bad. Different spelling makes it easy to identify them on papaer, while one is Bekah and the other gets Rebec as nick-names!!

What do your friends do?

Dette, DS 06.03, DS 10.04, DD 03.06 & Due Sept 07!

Girl: Ollivia, Amelia and Ayva.
Boy: Kynan.

When we named our son Lachlan (he almost always gets Lochie), people said it was becoming too popular. I had liked it for years so I wasn't about to change his name for that reason. When my parents named me and my 3 sisters (Carissa, Naomi, Alyssa and Kirralie), people thought they were crazy because they were so unusal (this was 25-30 years ago!). Not so unusual these days although I ALWAYS have to spell Naomi.
When we told people we would call Lachlan "Lochie" for short, we got a lot of negative comments from people saying "Why don't you just name him that then". We wanted to give him the chioce when he gets older. Even now, we find ourselves calling him Loch every now and then so his name has been shortened further!

My babies are all grown up sad

Boy: Cameron

Girl: Camryn

That's if we go there!!


hi sharni well it would be pronounced make-lin hope ihave another boy oneday so i can use it i had a heap of unusual name picked out for Laylen but cant remember them now lol.
takecare nat.
hi trudie!!
my babys name is Robert too!! we called him that because we wanted something which suits with his hungarian surname !! i think it is a nice name too and suits him very well!!
hi everybody!!
i'm not planning to have anymore children but if i will:
girl isabella(or maybe spelled izabella)
boy i don't know we would have to decide then

i have two boys and would really like a girl but not planning anything !! i wouldn't mind the baby it just giving birth again!! ok bye
Hi all

Boys name - Ryan

Girls name - I have no idea

I already have a James, Skye, Ebony and an Isabella.

I am really gonna have trouble finding another girls name, so if i have another baby hopefully it will be a boy

jo, kids, 13, 11, 8 & 2yrs

yehhh someone with a James !!

8 month old

boy = Jack ?
girl = Isabelle Grace

this will be my first child and although we had decided on jack for a boy about 6 years ago, his middle name is one for discussion! i would like to have Thomas (Grandads name) or Matthew (only siblings name on both sides) and my husband would like Keith (his grandfathers name). So unless we have triplets - which we're not! it will be a long process trying to decide. it's funny because we are only sentimental when it comes to boys names! the other thing that i find hard is being a teacher i come accross many names every year and its getting more difficult to be original or chose less popular names but in the end its just easier to go with the names i've always loved!
[Edited on 09/11/2009]
I think we would really be stuck for a boys name again...
but if a girl (if we have another baby)...
Isabella Paige


Liam Evan, 2

Hi Jodi

I find it interesting what people name their babies

8 month old

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