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Me Too!! Lock Rss I supposed to say "me too"? LOL

I don't know if I come up to your boobies!

I love eBay.

3 Gorgeous Girls!

Lol Shazza i didnt know what else to put hehehe

Thats what i thought about having to say the ME TOO LOL

Me too

Loves spending money at pumpkin patch

Me Too

Loves kisses and cuddles

Me too.

I have 3 children.

3 Gorgeous Girls!

Me too

Has blue eyes

Me Too

Wants an early night

Me too. (Didn't happen! lol)

I work outside the home.

3 Gorgeous Girls!

Not Me lol

Has a busy day

Me too

Wants to meet Moniquesmum's new baby Lachlan
Lol i have smile]

When you coming over Shazza??

Wants to go on a holiday up to cairns

Me too. I'll come over then we can both go to cairns smile]

Wants to have a decent sleep
Me Too

Thats an even better idea Shazza smile]

Wants this horrible wind to go away

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