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Me Too!! Lock Rss

Not me lol peace and quiet here

You are right about that one its a horrible day.Well the storm isnt to far away get ready for the thunder and hail smile] I love Storms.

is wanting some chocolate

mmmmm, me too - always

I dont mind storms, just as long as the power dosen't go out! i mean what the heck will i do if the computer dies? :s]

Is having an early night?

Hope so lol

lmao about losing your computer hehehe you made me laugh

Is drinking coke

Not me

Loves Mel smile]
Me to lol

Awww thanks Shazza smile]
Hey is your home number the same as your fax???

Loves cooking

Not me lol

Yes Mel, same number but won't work while I'm on the inet wink]

Thinks this game is silly
Bit weird lol

No worries Shazza will fax it off to you in the morning the stuff on the Lotus birth smile]

Is expecting a storm

Are we? Have had a few

Will be watching the AFL final tomorrow
Not me lol

Had a great night sleep

Not Me

Waiting to have dinner
True chinese for dinner yummo

Next is cold

Me too...was just going to ask that one Mel smile]

Is having a sandwich for dinner
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