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For various reasons, my sons first birthday ended up being very low key....just presents and immediate family.( which was nice and stress-free smile )
But this October he turns two and this year id like to have a "bit of a do".
I have an idea for a cake- which i myself, will attempt to bake.
But for other party foods, i have no idea...
PLEASE can you help me, with ideas, to prepare.
Ages will range from to 2 to 52 -
a little something to suit everyone would do.
So send me your ideas of your party food & fun,
to help me get this party done.

[email protected]
(clueless mum).

man child is growing up too quickly!

mini quiche are always a major hit for young and old, they are quck and easy , i make them all the time.
dips, cut up fresh fuit and veg, crackers, chicken wings fast and filling.
ifu buy some sushi rolls they are about $2 each roll u can cut them into about 6 rounds, they always look stylish and people usually love them..
ill keep thinking

24 year old mum to 2 beautiful girls

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