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The have a whinge thread. Lock Rss

Man do i have the $hit$ with DP. A couple of weeks ago he went 4wding, twisted the car all up and ruined his precious little baby, so its off the road until he gets off his butt to fix it (and we spend about $2000 on it). Now his work ute has also decided to go kaput, so his company have got it at the mechanics for the next few days. Well guess whos car he is driving? Considering I have been stuck in this house all week, ive done pretty well not to go nuts yet. WELL today i am going off the ricktor! Brayden should be at day care today, 3km away, no public transport out here in the bush and i dont know anyone to ask them to drive him!! DP knew about this day all week to make alternative arrangements but could he? NO! Considering work has a spare vehicle at the yard, and his MOTHER and her BOYFRIEND own the company, you would assume they would let DP use that ute, but dear MIL said its not her problem we cant get our son to school.
Sorry, im a whinger, but had to get it off my chest, there is smoke coming out my ears today!

The Deeks 07/08/02, Googie 23/11/04

Um that sounds like a pretty good reason to have a whinge! What's with MIL not caring if you get your son to daycare? Is she always like that? Sounds like a strange attitude for a grandparent to have. Maybe you need to spell it out for DP, sometimes their brains don't work as effeciently as ours, remind him of your situation and the spare work vehicle and see if he can put the pieces of the puzzle together. Think that'll work?
I'm so lucky, have just told DH about our sick toddler (has thrown up 3 times this morning and he has my car today) he told me to ring him if I need and he'll come straight home...

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