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Hi guys,

i was just wondering if anyone had any great ideas for games that can be played at baby showers? i have a few but some more ideas would be great.


mel, qld, DS Tykeal 20/8/03 and DD Phoenix 2/9/05

Hi Mel,
If you got to "Pregnancy & Birth" forum and then into "Your Pregnancy" and go to page 2 there is another post there called Games/Activities for Baby Showers and a few people have listed ideas there so you may want to check them out as there are a few goods ones listed there.

This is one i did for my baby shower it was guess the animals baby names they all loved it i went to the web site
But put a time limit on it about 1 hour for them to finish it or less if u want then i got DH to read out the answers this was he had a part in it also get them to changed there sheet with the there answers with someone else it was a good laugh with some of the answers you get

i put the sold sign on my new house today

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