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How was your Christmas? Lock

How will you remember Christmas 2017? Let us know the best and the worst of your Christmas!

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Happy Christmas Eve everyone! Lock

How are you spending this special day? Warm wishes from all of us at Huggies!

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Is it your baby's 1st Christmas? Top tips for a stress free Christmas with your new baby! Lock

1. Don't overbook It's tempting to want to show off your new baby but if you want your...

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The countdown to Christmas has started! Lock

What are you planning so far?

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Losing weight for Christmas? Lock

Hey! Wondering if anyone is interested in some kind of accountability thread for Christmas weigh...

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How to disguise the fact that you're not drinking at Christmas Lock

It's called the silly season for a reason - it's the one time during the year where we ...

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Happy Christmas Eve everyone! Lock

How are you spending today?

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Christmas planning Lock

Before we know it, it'll be December...have you started to think about Christmas yet? Tell u...

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Toy Guns as Christmas Gifts Lock

My husband and i have always said that we would not let ds 3 play with guns. Today we went to a...

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Seems like not a big deal.


Is your christmas tree up yet? Lock

What does it look like? Send us a picture!

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not yet


Merry Christmas All The Best For 2016 Lock

Hi All, Just want to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2016. I hope tha...

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Merry Xmas.


Will this be your first year celebrating Christmas with your little one? Lock

Tell us what you have planned...

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Explaining Santa Lock

Hi all, I am looking for some good books or possibly DVDs that will explain Santa to my litle on...

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Furreal Starlily Unicorn - 5 year old girl Lock

Soooo I know this is a hot toy at the moment. But I want to know does anyone have it ? is it wort...

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Advice or stories please!! Lock

Hi Everyone, I need some advise or would love to hear your stories on how you handle family. I lo...

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Bravo for speaking out - my family is similar in their insensitivity levels to each other. It seems now that my siblings have tween ...


Cheap present ideas for 8 y.o. girl please Lock

OK, so we've just given our DDs their Christmas present from us early this year. It's ...

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Thanks for the suggestions ladies but so far I've discounted :- CD/DVD player - she has CD player in her room, I don't lik...


What a delight Lock

Can't deny that we have extra Christmas cheer this year. We have just been through a rough p...

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Haha. I'm sure cats look forward to christmas too with the decorations and tree to pull down. Ours eat those streamers from pop...


need help!! Christmas shopping for relatives Lock

Hi everyone I'm a ftm to a 5 month old and it's my partner and I's first Christm...

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Thank you both so much I have a much clearer idea of what to get them, now to find the perfect gift!


Present for mum to be Lock

Hello there! My sister in law announced her pregnancy recently, woohoo! Such a lovely news. Now.....

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Thats easy coming from a mum to be myself A voucher for a pamper pack or day spa voucher or even delux mani/pedi voucher is great ...


Leap band or Leap TV???? Lock

The kids are asking Santa for the band and the tv version of Leap. Has anyone purchased these o...

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I suppose it depends on the ages of your children. I found this review of the leap band and it sounds really cool. http://www.popsug...


Is it safe to buy a mattress online??? Looking to get something for Christmas Lock

Hi guys, my name’s Peter and this is my first post here. Been reading around the Internet, trying...

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Christmas stockings Lock

Anyone know where I can buy a nice one? The only ones I can find are tacky. RS I'm looking a...

12 replies

I found a great one (a sack actually) at Kmart


Present for 1 year old? Lock

Hello there, I just want to get your opinion on this my other half wants to get a wishbone 3 in 1...

3 replies

Question marks equals smiley faces- don't know what happened there.


What does everyone with parents do for christmas? RE: extended family Lock

Hi all, Has been ages since I've posted on here. With the same dramas as last Christmas I a...

23 replies

I use to wake my son up quickly open his presents go to my parents spend 2 hours then my inlaws who would be so incondsiderate and m...


What does Santa do in your home? Lock

Hi all, I know it is early to start thinking about this, but what does Santa do in your home. Thi...

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yeah, we do Santa presents are opened first thing in the morning, then we go to church and all the other presents are opened after c...


DH's xmas gift..... Lock

...from the kids. DH said he was soooo close to shedding a tear when he received it

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Thanks ladies. l did make it Got the poem from Pinterest, put the kids handprints on the canvas and printed the poem on clear, tr...

Little Egg

How was Christmas for you? Lock

As the title says - How was your day? We had a good day, our first family Christmas, was just th...

6 replies



Rum balls Lock

Morning ladies I'm making rum balls this year and was wondering two things! Are they fairl...

6 replies

When I make them I only use a bit of rum & then also use orange juice. OJ was in a recipe I saw yrs ago, it works well


Xmas Picture Comp Lock

I just want to say, I am love love loving everyone's gorgeous babies in the photo comp!! So ...

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Presents :) Lock

How many presents does your kids get? How old are they? I've been reading on Facebook some p...

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DS is 11 months and is getting 1 small present from us. He has soooo many presents under the tree from our extended family, he'...


Merry Christmas Everyone Lock

Hi All, I haven't been on for ages. Been busy with work and the kids. But I do just want t...

2 replies

Merry Christmas

First christmas's Lock

On Bubs first Christmas how old were they? DS1 was 8 1/2 mths DS2 was 9 1/2 mths Did you ever...

10 replies

On Bubs first Christmas how old were they? DS was 10 months and DD will be 11 months (aprox) Did you ever having a crawling baby wi...


What do you do gift wise Lock

The other thread got me wondering what people do gift wise for their children. How many gifts do ...

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This will be my first child's first Christmas. For him I have carried n the tradition my mum had and that is each child gets 3 ...


Merry XMAS Lock

I just wanted to wish you all a merry xmas & a happy new year. I also wanted to thank you...

7 replies

Merry Christmas to you too . Hope you have a great time with your family.

Little Rascals

Gift ideas for 10mo and my bestie Lock

I'm hoping you guys can help me. I've struggled for gift ideas but managed to cover my ...

4 replies

For the 10 month old how about a melamine plate set or a toddler fork/spoon set. For your friends I think a bottle of wine or a ni...

Could you do it? Lock

Wow that little girl did rotten stuff! I don't know how I would cope if my kids were that ba...

18 replies

I wouldn't cancel Christmas as I don't believe in offering incentives or bribery to encourage "good" behaviour. ...

Present warning Lock

Thanks for the tip. Screwdrivers and batteries...

3 replies

I take all my kids toys out of the boxes, remove at least 3/4 of the attachment devices put in batteries where needed and then put t...

Christmas Toy Declutter Idea. Lock

Love this idea! Thank you for sharing might be able to get rid of some of my sons unwanted toys f...

2 replies

that is a great idea! we are always giving toys to vinnies but would be a nice idea and good life value to get the kids involved.

This true for anyone else? Lock

I just sent this to my sil and she loved it

1 reply

Love this very true!