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When do you put your christmas tree up? Rss

I cant wait im so excited bout christmas, normally put it up around that time or earlier depending on if i get to impaitent. This year i'll put it up the week before the 1st as we have a 60th birthday party here at our house so i'll have everything up by than.
We put ours up on December 1st and it comes down just after new years. The kids love it but it is huge and takes a bit of space in our small house smile

we put ours up the 1st December. im so excited this year, its DS first christmas. grin

1st december smile

1st of December.

Well I aim to, but never before!

Tori-93 wrote:
DF wont let me put ours up till the 1st December. When do you put yours up?

Probably first week of December.
We normally wait till the 1st cos of tradition but i can't wait lol I think this year I'm going to be a rebel and do the last week of November cos we're busy the first weekend in dec grin

I really want to put it up on the 1st. In Wellington there is a beautiful Xmas shop at the lovely old department store there. I worked in the Xmas shop when I had just finished school for a couple of months. Love it! Last year my mum sent me some of their kiwi themed decorations and when we went for our holiday it had just opened for the year & I got more plus some beautiful vintage look babooshka doll decorations. They're so pretty! The kiwi ones are so cool! An all blacks angel, little buzzy bees, kiwi baubles, a little metal sheep & kiwi with dangley legs, and more! But problem is with our plans to move plus we are going away for Xmas so df doesn't think we should put the tree up. I might take some decorations away & find a plant to hang them on where we stay or something.

Just got back a couple of weeks ago from nz and going away for as just a couple of days before.

We put ours up the 1st december and take it down the 1st jan
My family tradition was always to put the tree up on 1st December. We make quite a big thing of doing the tree at my mum's house.
I've carried on that tradition in my own home. I'm so excited about it this year because it's DS's first Christmas! I can't wait!!

not til closer to xmas usually the 2nd or 3rd weekend in december.We get a real tree and it would be dead by xmas if its too early

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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