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Christmas lunch? Lock Rss

So, what does everyone have for Christmas lunch smile?
This is my first year cooking Christmas lunch so it could be interesting!

My family always had a very traditional Christmas lunch so I am aiming to recreate it in my own way. My partner has requested a 'turducken' (Turkey, duck and chicken...not sure about this one) roast and I'm going to do roast potatoes and pumpkin with peas (with mint sauce) and maybe a salad too. Mum always made a tomato and onion pie (sounds yuck, but was really yum!) so I am going to attempt to recreate it as there is no recipe.

We'll also have (if my older sister can find the recipe for me) my great grandmother's Christmas pudding with custard and cream. I'll also do some fruit for dessert.

I really can't wait for Christmas!

We have seafood to start with prawns, calamari, seafood mix, oysters etc

Followed by roast pork, turkey roll and Christmas ham with roast potatoes, roast pumpkin, peas, carrots, gravy, broccoli and cauliflower with cheese sauce

Dessert (my domain!) is usually something different there is always plum pudding with brandy sauce, rocky road and either chocolate mousse or a pavlova stack or chocolate ripple cake or something like that and a fruit platter and shortbreads!

Can't wait grin
For starters we have warmed rolls with pate.
We then have roast pork, roast turkey, ham, roast vegies and steamed vegies, with apple sauce and gravy.
Dessert is plum pudding with custard, and then we nibble on gingerbread and shortbread for the rest of the day smile

This has been the tradition in my family since I can remember - I'm not sure when they started this, but I'm guessing it began when my mum and her siblings were young.
MMMM just thinking about it is making me salivate. yum yum.

We have Roast Pork, Roast Turkey, And a leg of Ham (Cold) with a heap of Roast veggies and steamed veggies, Tomato Onion and Breadcrumb, and of course apple sauce and gravy.
For dessert we have Pavlova, Christmas cake or Pudding it just depends and we also have a Chocolate Ripple cake, and of course ice cream.
And on the tables we always have Christmas lollies and cookies.
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