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How many presents does your kids get? How old are they? I've been reading on Facebook some parents aren't getting their kids anything if their too young to remember!! My dd is almost 1 she won't remember what we got her but she's got about 15 presents from us smile
They have 1 big present each from us and 2 smaller and a stocking of little stuff. They are 3&5

Aka G&L smile

4 from us and then a larger santa sack with 20 odd in, I went completely overboard and this is only 2/3 of the presents the rest have been put aside for her birthday. And she is 21m

DS is 6 and has one big main present and I'm not sure how many little bits and pieces Dd is 9 months and has exactly the same one main and little bits and pieces, it's her first Christmas she maybe to young to remember but we want her to be apart of it smile

My kids are getting one joint present (trampoline) this year and about 3 smaller ones as well as little bits in their stocking. They are almost 2 and almost 4

DD is getting one big present from us & the IL's. I have gotten her a stocking to open tomorrow night which has new pjs and a book. And I have done a Santa sack to open Christmas morning

Well our little girl isn't even born yet (I'm 35 weeks today) and she has a few small things wrapped up under the tree. I got waaaaay too excited smile

with our kids we go all out at Christmas time, about 20-25 gifts each we try to spend the same amount on each kid, but on their bday we only get them 1 gift each
No more that $20 total from santa (he buys cheep stuff that will last a few days) she gets the good stuff from us, why should santa get all the credit. still no more than $100 to $150 total. Her birthday is her day we spend more then smile

our beautiful daughters are 1 and 4, and are getting about 12 presents each, 2 sharing ones, and 1 family one. 2 sleeps to go! sooo excited smile
DS is 17months and he is getting 4 from us.

DD is 2 and she is getting 4 from us and a stocking. smile
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