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How was Christmas for you? Lock Rss

As the title says - How was your day?

We had a good day, our first family Christmas, was just the 3 of us, although we went round to our neighbors this afternoon smile
We found out a couple of days ago we are expecting No.2 so I'm laying on the sofa eating chocs and DS is asleep, and DH has gone back next door to party. I'm off to bed shortly to read my book smile Bliss!!
In fact my job before I go to bed is going to be to get a lilypie thing set up smile

Hope you have all had lovely days!

Lots of food, booze and laughs today. I came home from my parents at about 5.30 and have had a nap, as I have work all day tomorrow from 8am after a 12 hour day yesterday and getting up early for christmas!!

And congrats on your pregnancy, hope it's nice and smooth for you smile

Aw congratulations grin what a great Christmas present!!

Our day was awesome! Still going with cousins and aunties about to play board games smile Congrats again! Enjoy your book and chocolate- merry christmas!

Congrats on your pregnancy hun!!

Christmas day was mostly good. Did gifts then went to inlaws for breakfast (about 9am so more like morning tea to me as i get up so early). Went home for a nap (both me and DS) then for afternoon tea at my parents. Back to ours for a nice bbq dinner. DS had a great day and got lots of new toys, books and clothes. He also had waaay to much sugary things! Chocolates, christmas cake and cookies at all the grandparents houses! I was absolutly exhausted by the end of it and went to bed around 8pm!

Sounds like you guys had lovely days!! smile
I have had a bit of spotting today, just a tiny bit, and bit worried as I didn't have any with my first pregnancy, I guess time will tell...

Thanks Nai! No spotting today, so fingers crossed. Really looking forward to seeing the midwife and getting a scan, only 1 week to go.

Congrats! smile

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